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Latest UX Design Trends for 2021


In these ever-changing times, people are continually looking for something new, something different. The days when one type of design fit, all are long gone. The competition is at its peak amongst different companies across all areas. And in the market, you need something that attracts your potential audience to you from your competitors.

The concept of uniqueness is as needed as it will ever be. It’s not only about the products and services that you are offering. It’s also about the way you present it to your audience. Multiple other companies would be doing the same thing as you. But it always comes down to letting people know about you in a way that pleasantly surprises them.

Besides, if you don’t have your presence over the internet, going offline wouldn’t make a huge difference. In this digital time and age, you need to have a platform online and seek an audience there as well.

If they hear about your brand from anywhere, their first instinct would be to Google you. And as a brand, it’s your responsibility that their Google search is worth it. One of the ways to achieve this is bringing on the best UX Design for your website possible.

With your team following the best UX Design trends for your website and consistently updating will ensure that your audience always has something to look forward to.

What is UX Design?

User experience design (UX Design) is a design process that your design teams use to create relevant and comfortable experiences for your users. UX Design is the interaction between humans and the technology and the way it is done. It ensures that the user’s experiences with the website is error-free and follows a particular flow.

The whole flow of UX design is extremely disciplined and well planned before the users even reach the end product. It combines various aspects of psychology, market research, business, design thinking, etc.

To give you a better understanding of what exactly UX Design Trend is, follow the example.

For example – you want to buy a pair of shoes, online. Someone suggested you go to XYZ website. When you open the website, the first thing you see is the home page. Then you go to the shoe category, select male/female, look at the pair of shoes, add them to cart and then make a purchase.

Everything that you see on the website from getting to the home page to making the purchase is the UX Design. The flow you went through, the messages you received throughout your journey, and how everything was presented to you are UX Design.

UX design is the core of user experience on the website, app, or even your phone screen. Everything that has to do with user’s experience design on a digital platform comes under UX Design.

However, times are always changing. With more and more people coming into the digital fold, everyone is looking at everything. With the vast competition amongst the brands and each trying to outdo the other, things in the UX Design trends have taken a different toll.

Brands across the world are looking for something new, something different. Everyone is looking for the next big thing that will take the audience with awe. At the same time, the UX Design Trends also have to keep in mind that certain things are symbolic to specific actions.

For example, the symbol of the trolley for the option “cart” is universal. Everybody uses the same, and even the audience is used to it. So making changes with it might make it confusing for the users as they would have to re-learn the whole thing.

Latest UX Design Trends

To clear it all and balance creativity with functionality, below are some of the UX Design Trends currently doing well.


Neomorphism recently has gained a lot of traction from the audience. It is subtle but innovative for your website or app. This design looks like the elements are placed behind the background. It is similar to the watermark setting.

When the user clicks on the element, it pops out and looks like it’s going to come out of the screen. It’s all about using the right colours and effects.

Illustrative Design

Illustrative UX Design Trends, also called the vector graphics, has recently taken over. It shows the images created via computer graphics that are connected with a line. Many brands are looking for people who can use this feature creatively. It not only adds a unique look to UX Design of the website; it also doesn’t look too sophisticated.

The vector images send the message across with minimalistic views.

No Password Logins

While it’s essential for almost every website that their users make their own accounts on the website, it can be not very pleasant for the users. Having to remember the password for each website and each account and the “special characters” can be too much.

However, recently, brands have come up with a new solution for the same. The new trend of logging in with a Facebook account or Google account has come up. And this UX Design trends have helped the audience a lot. They don’t have to remember the passwords anymore, and their account is just a few clicks away.

No password logins is still a growing UX Design trend and are likely to get bigger with time.

UX Writing

UX writing is a new and emerging concept in the UX Design Trends. The idea is to give enough information to the users but not overdoing or oversharing. The UX Designer must stick to the point and not make the write up too elaborative. Besides, no customer has the time to read through so many things within the app, especially when reading is not actually the goal.

In UX writing, everything written is to the point. It answers questions like what, why and how.

Dark Modes

The dark mode in the UX Design trends is a new addition. UX Design teams worldwide are introducing new themes to the customers and making it customizable enough for them to adjust everything as they please. It gives the power of choice to the users to use the themes as they like. They may choose to make the theme brighter in the day and darker in the night.

Many apps have also started to do the same and provide their users with better experiences. Apps like Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime are already in the dark-themed setup.

Air Gesture

Air Gesture is a very new concept in the UX Design trends and isn’t very common yet. But it does seem that it would be the next step of UX Design trends across the world.

When the smartphones used for keyboard keys to touch, it was considered to be a revolution. Eventually, everyone was using smartphones with touchpads and touch gestures like single tap, double-tap, etc. Then came to the touch unlock feature and then the face ID.

However, the next step in the evolution of the UX Design trends could be the air gesture. It includes moving your palm to click a selfie.


Microinteractions has been within the UX Design trends for a long time. It talks about using small gestures or buttons to send a much larger message to the users—for example – the video button on a video, the Facebook like button, etc.

Voice-Activated UX

Voice-activated UX Design trend also has been around for some time now. It includes the whole concept of Siri, Alexa and Google. It’s about operating your phone or laptop without actually having to touch either of them.


UX Design trends always fall into the hands of the UX Designers and then require the users’ approval. The trends mentioned above are the ones that have worked good amongst the audience. But you are free to choose the trends or create a new one as per your business needs and target audience.

Himanshi Gupta has spent a little over 2 years writing and working for a few major of the news agencies of our Nation. It was during her Bacherlor's that she developed an interest in UX writing. In her free time, she is an ardent researcher, an avid reader and a gifted poet.

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