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What Must-Have Technical Skills Do You Need to Become a UX Designer?

What must have technical skills do you need to become a UX Designer 1 11zon

UX Designers are people who create mediums for the Consumer (user) to access different products and services. They can be digital or physical. 

It is the Job of the UX Designer to create an awesome experience for the consumer so that they experience a happy, hassle-free product use. 

To do that, UX Designers need to be skilled. Like Seriously. 

They must not only relate to how someone feels when they use any product or service but also have the required skills and tools to address the different problems the user might encounter. You may also check integrated course meaning here!

So, it can be safely said that UX Designers are super-cool people good at many things.  

However, in this blog, we will only discuss the different Technical Skills as UX Designer must possess to get their Job done. 

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So, Let’s Take a look at the first Skill: 

Coding for UX Creation, and the languages used 

There has been always a debate about whether designers should code or not. Some companies insist on finding professionals who can do both, while others guarantee they don’t exist, or just disrupt everything.  

Lots of Designers believe that designers and developers need to work together while keeping a mutual understanding and respect towards each others’ work. You may enroll for the latest batch of Best UX Design Course here!

Numerous developers see designers who code as a danger, while others consider them to be welcome partners who have figured out how to communicate in their language.  

The perfect balance, which is classified as “mutual perspective,” lies somewhere in the center. Realizing somewhat about code doesn’t mean a designer needs to turn into a specialist coder, but essentially comprehend a developer’s point of view. You may also check about hons degree here!

Indeed, these are some languages that a UX Designer is better off knowing, rather than not: 

  • Kotlin 
  • Swift 
  • Java 
  • HTML 
  • Elm 
  • CSS 

Research, the mother of all ideas 

This is part of the UX creation process and is the place where miracles happen.  

For the most part, the designer gets told by the product creator that they need to do some project research. Then begins the long but exciting process of customer research. 

For Example, if the product being created is an online marketplace specifically for shoes, the designer would go around asking people about the difficulties they face in buying shoes online. They would then try to imagine an ideal user experience and chalk it out as wireframes and prototypes. 

Research empowers the UX Designer to pinpoint the center elements required for the Minimum Viable Product (basically the principal emphasis of an item being created) and to begin making some underlying changes based upon the findings. 

All in all, the research stage is the point at which you find out about the scope of the product, learn about the creator of the product (their values and ideas), and what the customers want from your product, at last.  You may also read about graphic typography design here!

Wireframing, the bones of UX Design 

Not unlike a design plan, a wireframe is a two-dimensional skeletal diagram of a site page or application. Wireframes give a reasonable outline of the page structure, design, data engineering, client stream, usefulness, and expected practices. As a wireframe typically addresses the basic idea of the UX, styling, shading, and designs are kept to a very less point. You may also learn about universal design in hci here!  

Wireframes can be drawn manually or on a digital platform, based on how much detail is required.  

It is specifically practiced by UX Designers, who make sure all parties agree on the Framework before the engineers fabricate the interface with code. 

The process generally happens during the initial period of product creation. During this stage, the originators are testing out the possibilities of the product, collaborating on thoughts, and distinguishing business requirements. A wireframe is typically the underlying cycle of a website page, utilized as a basis for the final plan. Meanwhile, you may also check our blog post on ideation phases here! 

Prototyping, and the need to create early working models 

Prototyping is an especially important stage in the design process. Putting the end-user at the core of the design, this process involves the testing of the almost-finished product on genuine users and models to gain insights about usability and fatal flaws without investing loads of energy and money. Some important roles of prototypes are:  

  • Acquire direct bits of knowledge into how your clients will associate with, and respond to, the item you are creating. Seeing an early form of the item in real life shows you if, and how, it will work in reality. 
  • Distinguish any ease-of-use issues or configuration defects before it is past the point of no return. On the off chance that a thought or configuration is bound for disappointment, you would rather discover it sooner than later.  
  • Prototypes empower you to fail early and efficiently; they will uncover a frail or unacceptable methodology before you have contributed an excessive amount of time or cash. 
  • Settle informed plan choices. If you cannot choose where a specific button ought to go on your application home screen, or conflict between two unique formats for your site, you can test out a couple of renditions and see which works best.  

Key Takeaways 

With so many different things to take care of, UX Designers often need to wear many different hats. Other than specialized abilities like wireframing, prototyping, deciphering information, and input, UX planners also need to be good at “soft skills” like teamwork and empathy. 

UX Designers must be able to work together seamlessly, from Company Owners to engineers and Ui Designers, right all the way to the end user. You can also know more about how to build a startup from scratch here!  

Business Acumen also goes far in the UX Design industry. It is imperative to comprehend both the objectives of the organization and the necessities of the consumers and to adjust these when creating product designs.  

Apart from these, being skilled in visual arts and User Interface Design gives an added edge to the UX Designer. Language Proficiency and writing skills also help in creating an enjoyable UX. 

So, here were some super-important skills you need to have if you are a UX Designer, or are planning to become one. 

In India, especially, the demand for UX Professionals is at an all-time high. It is a great time to get a UX Design certification or UX Design Professional Courses 

It is therefore a good option for a person to become an expert in UX Design as many vacancies and jobs are available, even after the pandemic. You may also check out pagination styles here!  

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Happy Learning! 

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