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Faang and Future Technical Skills Job Roles

faang and future technical skills job roles feature image for blog


Future Tech SKILLS that are  CHANGING THE GAME 

Over the past decade a group of giant tech companies have taken shape to dominate the Silicon Valley in their respective segments. What’s unique about them is that they have their customers spread all over the world. From rural to urban, you name it. I can assure you that you yourself have been a customer of their products in one form or another. The ‘FANG’ acronym was coined by CNBC’s Mad Money host Jim Cramer who praised these companies for being ‘totally dominant in their markets’. In the year 2017, a second ‘A’ was added the acronym for Apple.  The Big 5 of Tech, Facebook (Meta), Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google or FAANG as they call it, hire the best of the software engineers, data engineers, cyber security specialists, network engineers, product managers, every year from different countries, all over the world.  

Here are some stats to show why the FAANG are some of the highest paying employers. Facebook or Meta, which also is the owner of your favourite social media apps like Instagram and WhatsApp has approximately 4 billion users spread across its network. More than half of the global Ad Expenditure happens over the Platforms of Meta. On the other hand, Google holds more than 90% share in search engine segment in India alone. Apple earns more in annual profit than Starbucks earns in its entire yearly revenue. Netflix has a whopping 222 million subscribers in India alone. And Amazon takes nearly half of all online orders made in the country virtually running as the leader of the online retail market. Collectively, the Big Five earned an income of about $197 billion on revenue of more than $1 trillion in 2020, while their market cap rose to $7.5 trillion by year’s end. 

Fang companies


Given the huge revenues they make and the services they provide, it’s not a secret that getting a job at one of these tech giants is a dream of many graduates. FAANG to Graduates is like what IITs and Ivy League Colleges are to students. The most important reason why they are the most sought-after workplace among graduates is the huge compensation one receives. To give you an idea, Facebook pays signing bonuses as high as 75 Lakhs!  

The other reason why graduates compete to join the FAANG is because of their reputation. With a globally recognized Brand adorning one’s resume, a graduate can expect to find less roadblocks in the path of his/her career. It can also mean an assured higher salary than any other graduate with similar educational qualifications. In conclusion, FAANG offers its employees, value. Whether it be in the shape of money or experience.  


Employees from these brands claim that FAANG attracts and employs the most skilled, talented, and hard-working individuals. While Google and Facebook are more engineers driven than Amazon and Netflix, overall, FAANG places more value on technical skills when recruiting. This is because, technical expertise is what creates value to these companies and generates Revenue.  


Working at a FAANG company would mean working with the most brilliant minds in the segment. New grads need to continuously learn and develop their skill sets to perform at a level expected by FAANG hiring managers. Every FAANG company gets huge piles of resumes for software engineer roles, most of which are poorly formatted with no CS education, certified technical skill or experience listed. Recruiters aggressively filter through these. The best way to have a unique resume is to have a solid background of technical skills with its base in Coding. One need not be a strictly Computer Science graduate to be able to acquire these skills. There are countless platforms available where you can learn to code and even acquire additional skills linked to Blockchain etc, which are in high demand these days. There are many examples of people with a degree in Psychology cracking the tough recruitment cycle of these companies. So, if you aim to earn more, learn more.  

Secondly, experience as a programmer counts and adds a ton of brownie points to your resume. Log into your LinkedIn account and grab the first opportunity you find to work as a programmer. No matter how small, it’s the experience that counts. Apart from the technical segment, if you have been employed elsewhere in a non-technical background, then mention that in the resume as well. It shows you are employable even outside the technical field which increases your value. Last but definitely not the least, try to create connections in the technical field. Form healthy relationships with the people who could help you in reaching the doors of the FAANG office. A referral from them will take you a long way forward.  

Changing scope of job market in the coming years 

Since we are talking about the technical skills required to qualify a FAANG recruitment, let’s peek into the future to see whether just a degree in Computer Science or your skills acquired in coding will suffice to fill the needs of the future job roles.  
Well, the answer is ‘’not really’’.  
with the advent of Virtual Reality, the big tech companies are fanning the flames of Metaverse with turbo speed. The future to them is in making exclusive products and services specifically for the Metaverse. It is believed that Metaverse is going to provide ample space, hyper advanced tools, digital platforms, and a diverse audience for talented creators to let their creativity run free and flourishing in a bid to develop a new source of income through the digital world. Even artists with smaller fan followings still could set up events in virtual world to drive digital goods. It is seen as the next big thing in the evolution of the internet. This is where the FAANG companies will come into play. Tech giants like Meta, Microsoft and NVIDIA have already announced their vision of this alternate universe. To realise these dreams, they will eventually require graduates who are not only equipped with skills in Coding and programming but additionally skilled in Blockchain, UX designing, Product management and Cyber Security to create user friendly services specifically for the metaverse segment.  

Career in Faang

To give you a brief idea, let’s discuss each of the four hottest job roles coming up in the imminent future. 

  1. Blockchain Engineer: They help in the creation and implementation of digital blockchain for enterprises. They ideally must work on blockchain platforms to design, implement, test, deploy, and manage software systems. They would have to collaborate with software engineers and help them deploy the software. 
  1. Product Managers: Product managers in Metaverse would be responsible for product marketing in social experiences in Virtual Reality. Their focus would be understanding users’ points of view, gathering feedback, and seizing the right opportunities. 
  1. Metaverse Cyber Security: Metaverse being all virtual and containing vital information related to its users and service providers, could become a perfect target for cyber attacks and fraud. Therefore, graduates skilled in blockchain and Cyber Security related technical knowledge will be highly valued  with only a CS degree.  
  1. VR Technology: Needless to say, VR as a technology is the gateway to the Metaverse. In 2014, Facebook acquired Oculus, a company that works in virtual reality technology to build a 3-D social space to connect varying services in Facebook’s quest to create a Metaverse. Hence, professionals equipped with skills to build and design advanced VR tools will be in high demand, thanks to Metaverse! 

Learning from the present trends, technology steering in the direction of the Metaverse, it’s largely obvious that the FAANG will not fall behind in following the same path. It’s evident from the fact that the F of the FAANG has even renamed its parent company to META. Do we need any more clues?  
Therefore, acquiring a degree in CS and Learning programming and coding will definitely help you reach the gate steps to the Tech Titans but acquiring future technical skills will help open those gates for your before they open for anybody else. 


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