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Why are AI & ML Important in today’s India?

Why are AI & ML Important blog feature image

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the foundation for simulating human intelligence by developing and testing algorithms in a dynamic computing environment. Simply put, AI is an attempt to make computers interact like humans.  

To achieve this goal, three key components are required:  

  • Computerized systems  
  • Data and information management   
  • AI algorithms that are innovative (code)  

The more conscious the desired outcome, the more information, and processing capability is required.  

So, while AI technology focuses on imitating human intellect by allowing computers to learn through experience, machine learning enables computers to learn from that experience faster and better.  

In some ways, machine learning is like an optimization procedure for AI systems, with the systems analyst in charge of providing effectively faster training to AI systems.  

The primary objective of the machine learning method is to make AI quicker and more intelligent so that they can deliver even better results for whatever task they are assigned to complete.  
AI and ML in India has been growing at an unprecedented rate, with a huge demand for experts and professionals in the area. 

Experts for Machine learning in India are in high demand because the technology can have such a significant impact on society and modern business practices, revolutionizing everything from planning to logistics to operations and production.  

So why are AI and ML Important in India?  

There are a lot of reasons why the government and top MNCs are realizing the Importance of AI and ML. 

By 2030, AI and ML can add $900 billion to the economy, or 15% of the Indian GDP.   

The combination of technology, data, and talent that enables intelligent systems has reached a tipping point, fueling the incredible rise in AI investment.  

Despite having a technical-minded and talented workforce, healthy entrepreneurialism, and strong conglomerates, AI and ML in India fall short of competing with the world in the sector. The nation is still the big player in Southeast Asia, but it continues to lag far behind other major economies in AI.   

This is happening even after the fact that Indian companies are embracing AI and ML applications on a larger scale, the Country is heavily investing in tech infrastructure, and its citizens are improving their tech skills.  

Why does India need AI and ML?  

Machine learning in India is no longer particularly new, and ML algorithms have gone mainstream already.   

However, AI and ML applications have lately gained traction because of many significant advances in technology, including:  

  • Increased access to large volumes and types of data, particularly the growth and prevalence of “big data.”  
  • Increasingly budget-friendly digital storage services have resulted in making big data sets available to more organizations and for far broader applications.  
  • Increased computational power enables computers and AI technologies to perform calculations much quicker than ever.  

These advancements in AI and ML in India pave the way for the technology to produce far superior results than it has previously been capable of, enabling machine learning algorithms to add value to practically every business and trade activity.  

Some Real and Practical AI and ML Applications today:  


Because of its prominent role in a productive and healthy society, healthcare is one of the most important sectors in the broader landscape of big data. This is a major sector that is helping others realize the importance of AI and ML. 

The application of AI in this sector can be the difference between life and death. AI can help healthcare professionals with their day-to-day tasks. AI and ML applications in the medical industry have the capability to implement preventive care and improve the quality of life. 

 In diagnostics, it can help in more accurate reports and personalized treatment plans by depending on the condition of the patient, and lead to a healthier prognosis. By going through data from reputed and trustworthy sources, AI can help predict and track the spread of infectious diseases. As a result, AI can be the gamechanger in medical systems across the globe. 


This is how AI is helping Retail Processes:  

  • Store robotization will result in shorter lines, fewer human employees, and substantial savings on inventory costs.   
  • Businesses also engage in technology that can help customers during the shopping process as well as store employees.   
  • AI applications for retail stores could assist businesses in pricing their products by visualizing the likely outcomes of different pricing strategies. To do so, systems seek data about other brands, advertising campaigns, sales figures, and other data.  
  •  Industry leaders can show the best offers, resulting in new customers and increased sales.   
  • Artificial intelligence can detect the customers’ moods during the shopping experience.   

By 2022, the international demand for AI in retail is projected to reach $5 million.  

top industries using ai and ml


Machine learning assists manufacturers in cutting losses, increasing capacity through performance improvement and lowering costs through reactive maintenance. One can know the Importance of AI and ML in Manufacturing through the following ways:  

  • Definitively diagnose flaws all through the production process.  
  • A maintenance schedule can be used to reduce downtime.  
  • Adapt to changes in demand in real-time across the supply network.  
  • Inspect the quality of delicate items, such as microchips, and see if they have been flawlessly manufactured.  
  • Lower the cost of small-batch or exclusive goods, allowing for more customization.  
  • Increase employee satisfaction by delegating routine tasks to machines.  

 These are some of the ways in which how Machine learning is boosting India’s productivity as a nation. 

Banking & Finance  

Machine learning is being used by Banks and financial institutions to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions and identify new perspectives in financial records, enabling attractive opportunities.  

It can also help advise investors about when to trade timings and opportunities and provide other crucial financial insights.  

The Final Verdict  

It is especially important for India to ramp up its investment and research in AI and Ml, as it will not only help attract foreign capital and employment opportunities in the Country but also make business processes easier and faster, thereby saving up energy, time, and money that can be used to further boost the growth and production capabilities in the Country.  

While India is undergoing a revolution in the form of the internet and its growing digital economy, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can act as a catalyst and further its progress on becoming a world leader.  

With this being said, employment opportunities are on the rise in AI and ML in India, as the government and the big corporations are realizing its growth potential.  

Some top job profiles in this sector are:  
  • Data Scientist  
  • Machine Learning Engineer  
  • Data Engineer  
  • Data Analyst  

It is estimated that there will be over 1 lakh vacancies in the sector by 2025, with an average package of 6 LPA.  

Therefore, it is good to become an expert in AI and ML in India and secure your future.  

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