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Mobile UX Design Guide 2020

mobile ux design guide


With the digital age coming in, everyone’s born around technology. With big internet giants working tirelessly to keep up with the fast-changing world and the internet, things can be hard to keep up with. Besides, the current generation and the upcoming ones are all looking for something bigger and better. This means that the technology and the designs continuously need to be updated. The fresh content needs to be out in the market before the user gets bored.

This further brings our attention to the mobile ux training. With pretty much everyone using a smartphone these days, it is natural for brands across the world to keep looking for new designs and people who can come up with something new and unique for the market. Reports suggest that mobiles contribute to billions in the eCommerce field. Majorly because people are dependent on their phones for almost everything, anything that you’d want is just a few taps away on your mobile.

This makes it even more essential for companies across the world to keep in mind the changing tastes of their users.

What Is Mobile UX Design?


When you open your phone screen, you’ll notice that in-built apps and the ones you install are all arranged in a certain way. While you have the freedom to place those apps wherever you want, there are certain restrictions to them as well. Every time you click on an app, it tells you the next step. And even when you are using the same app on your laptop or computer, the look changes from the app or the mobile web browser. All of this happens because of the Mobile UX Design.

UX design focuses on the user’s experience of a mobile application or a website. It ensures that the user doesn’t face any issues with the usage of the website or the app whatsoever. And if there is some error, the website/app informs the user about the next steps to be taken. UX design involves everything from you, opening the website/app to you closing it. Everything that comes in between has the purpose of making the user’s experience pleasant.

Similar is the case with Mobile UX design as well. The way everything is arranged on your mobile, and the way any mobile application functions on your mobile is all because of Mobile UX design. Mobile UX Designers ensure that every screen that you look at on your mobile has a purpose. It can be your home screen, the app’s first screen, the introductory screen, the web browser, and so much more.

Every application that you use is designed in such a way that makes sure that you have the most pleasant experience.

Why Is Mobile UX Design Important?


Mobile UX design is an essential part of app development. Building a mobile app can only be successful if the target user can use it to its fullest potential. And below are a few key reasons why having the best Mobile UX design possible should be your top priority.

Value For Business

As a brand or a UX designer, you must know when it is time to upgrade and change the technology with the smartphone. The easier it is for the customers to understand and use the app or the phone, the lesser complaints they will have. Besides, the customer is likely to upgrade themselves with a better model if they haven’t faced any issues with the previous ones.

As a Mobile UX designer, you not only have to ensure that the old versions are intact but also work on the newer versions for the same. This will help increase the market value of the brand and improve the brand image.

Customer Loyalty

It goes without saying that experience is a massive part of the entire purchase process. If your customer is happy with your services, never had to struggle through the design and his overall experience was good. The chances are that they will repurchase your products.

Investing in an exemplary Mobile UX Design pays off by increasing customer loyalty to the brand. Once the customer is used to your design and is satisfied, it is significantly less likely that they would want to go for something else.

It Saves Time and Money

When you invest in building a good Mobile UX design from the start, it will save you tons of time and money. You will not have to worry about revamping the previous one and doing things all over again.

With a well-built Mobile UX Design, you can focus on new and better technology.

Enhanced Return On Investment

When you are investing so much of your time and money, and your UX designers are working hard on getting the perfect design for the smartphones, you’d want a good Return on Investment too. Having the right design and the technology and keeping yourself upgraded will ensure that your investment and all the hard work that has been done, pay off.

How To Make A Good Mobile UX Design?

How To Make A Good Mobile UX Design

While you are in the design field, creativity is all every company will ask for. And more often than not, you will be free to create a design that nobody has ever seen. But at the same time, it also must be saleable to the audience. Some things are essential to your design and cannot be ignored.

UX Research


When you are working on making a perfect Mobile UX Design, you must know your audience. Ultimately, your audience is the judge. They are the ones who are going to use it. And your design becoming a success will largely depend on the way it worked around the users.

The whole aim of ux research plan is to check what the audience wants and the things that other competitors are not able to fulfill. Always remember that you as a Mobile UX Designer, not the user. Your users will have little to zero knowledge about your product, and it is your job to facilitate them in the most comfortable manner possible.

No Clutters

No-Clutters in how to create good mobile ux design

Having a home screen filled with tons of apps and instructions can be very overwhelming. It tends to make people anxious when the apps clutter on a laptop. And it will only increase in a smartphone.

When you are creating your first screen for your user, go minimalistic. Keep things as simple and lesser in numbers as possible.


priorities in how to create good mobile ux design

As a Mobile UX Designer, you’d want to put as much information as possible for the user to understand everything correctly. But you can’t. You shouldn’t really put too many things on the screens. It would help if you struck a balance between instructing and giving the customer the freedom to explore.

Hence, you must keep your priorities straight. Research and learn what you’d want on the home screen and where the other things can be placed. Look for specific symbols that you can use to make the customer understand the functioning of a particular app without using too many words.

Size Matters

size-matters in how to create good mobile ux design

Studies have shown that users are likely to keep tapping on the screen or break their phones in agitations if the size of the icons is too small. As a UX designer, it is your job to ensure that the size of the icon is just right. It shouldn’t be too big for it takes up the whole space but also shouldn’t be too small for the users not to be able to touch it.

It is also a good idea to leave some space between the two apps.


feedback in how to create good mobile ux design

While you are creating a mobile UX Design, you must have a feedback system for the audience. When they are using an app or have reached some goal, your app must respond to achievements. At the same time, if there is an error or your user failed to do something, it is essential to motivate or inform them too.

The idea of feedback is to ensure that your app and your user have a healthy interaction. The user at all times must know what is happening.

What Are The Limitations Of Mobile UX Design?


As you are creating your Mobile UX Design, it is essential to know that there are certain things that your user might not be too comfortable with. And these things can hamper your success and sustainability in the longer run.


storage in Limitations Of Mobile UX Design

Your user likely has storage issues with their smartphones. So when you are designing an app, you must make sure that it takes as less space as possible.

If the user has storage issues, there are chances that they take the hard decision and decide to let go of your app.

Small Screens

Small-Screens in Limitations Of Mobile UX Design

The way a website is designed for desktops is very different from the mobile version. In a desktop version, you can choose to show a couple of extra things. But with the mobile version, options are limited.

While dealing with small screens, it is essential to ensure that there is a lesser number of clicks, enough thumb space, and not too much information. In such a scenario, it is crucial to pay attention to the login pages as they can be a bit overwhelming.

Examples Of Good Mobile UX Design


Facebook is not only everywhere around the world because they connect everyone. But also because of the fact that they have a high personalization feature at the core. As a user, you can choose the things you want to see in your feed. Almost everything has a symbol and is easy for first-timers to understand. Most importantly, the login page is simple and shows the purpose of the website.

Dominos’s Pizza


Their mobile UX design is simple and easy to use. They don’t bank on having heavy animations for the users. The aim is to have their users make a purchase. The app always has the next step to look forward to. And after you have ordered, you keep getting updates regarding your order.


Apple- Examples For Good Mobile UX Design

Apple works heavily on the navigation aspect of its mobile UX design. Their icons follow enough margin for you to use it efficiently, which further allows the user to focus. The design is simple and comes with a header and sub-header.


In the end, it always comes down to what the audience wants. If you can create something that fills in the gaps within the market along with the basic features, your Mobile UX Design is likely to be a success.

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