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How to Design an App


We live in an internet era, where our focus has shifted from desktops to laptops to handheld devices. And in that context, we know that apps are everywhere! Think of a well-liked brand, and you would notice that they have an app. A business would design an app to connect to their customers, as apps are great business solutions, irrespective of the intent. Apps are effective ways to boost your sales because it is easier to interact with your customer base through an app.


The current scenario in terms of mobile technology has led to an app-based world, where we use apps daily. It proves that every business needs to know how to design an app somewhere in its wheel of life to increase its reputation, market its brands and ultimately, boost sales. With the ever-increasing dominance of smartphones for interacting with the Internet, likely, apps will soon become extremely crucial for selling your products.

It brings us to the crucial question – how to design an app?

In all honesty, it is not an easy process to design an app. It can be a rigorous task and quite a cash-intensive idea. But you don’t have to fret, as this article can be your guide you through the journey.

How to create an app for android: Things to remember


You may be pondering over the thought on how to design an app for a long time, but that does not mean you have to be money-minded, impulsive and skimp out on the planning process. So, let us talk about the list of things that you must prepare before you create an app!

Step 1:- Put your plan on paper

To design an app for your business or pivoting an idea into an app can be daunting as you start. However, like any other project, if your plan is solid, you can undoubtedly meet your goals and achieve success. You need to map out your steps in advance, which will make you a detailed understanding of the execution of your project.

Step 2:-Thorough research of the market

Just like any other product, you must conduct thorough market research on the kind of apps that are already available, their performance, and how to make an app better than the others.

Step 3:-Spot the gap in the market

With so many apps in the market, there are chances of something similar already existing to the way you want to design an app. The deal here is to identify those gaps and figuring out how to design an app better! Once you take care of that, it is time to start.

The impact of the pandemic on smartphone usage trends


COVID-19 has changed our perception of the world as we adapt to a new kind of normalcy where online ordering, social distancing and working from home are accepted ways of living. As the pandemic has tightly gripped the business world, platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, PayTM, Swiggy and Zomato are emerging as powerful forces that we need to keep a lookout for.

As per a recent report from Economic Times, this year the mobile shopping apps will experience the best shopping season to date. The report claims that 9 out of 10 consumers have changed their traditional shopping habits! The pandemic has brought about a gigantic leap in the mobile commerce industry, which is propelling the industry.

Another report from Business Line has stated that work productivity on smartphones during Covid-19 has jumped up to 120%. Apart from work, gaming, audio/video OTT consumption, some users made use of smartphones during the lockdown to cultivate new skills and hobbies; Online education is yet another productive usage of phones.

However, as customers spend more hours glued to their handheld devices, shopping apps are not the only apps they spend all that time on.

  • Amongst other things, 83% of users make use of smartphones for online banking and bill payment.
  • 21% of users have learnt new skills,
  • 18% have taken up new hobbies on their phones.

In short, people are putting in billions of hours on their handheld devices to adapt, improvise and overcome their current issues in this new normality.

How to create an app from scratch

As any marketer or entrepreneur, the ongoing trend shows them the path ahead for the growth and continuance of their business. No matter which industry you belong to, it is entirely possible that you will get a good chunk of those billion hours I spoke about earlier!

Well, you want to design an app, but you do not have the knowhow to get started. But you do not have to worry, this step-by-step guide on how to create an app from scratch.

Before you get started, it is vital to know why you need to design an app and how it can help your business grow. As per Statista’s report, the number of smartphone users worldwide right now has surpassed three billion, and it will rise in the next few years. It has created a large user base with lots of opportunities for businesses. 


It is irrespective, whether you own an SME or are a part of a corporate, apps have become a necessity in our daily lives. Well then, let us talk about how to create an app from scratch.

App design process


Note down your idea

Before you design an app, make sure pen down your idea. It is an initial step toward to design an app for your business. I would recommend you to write down your thoughts because the concept in your head has no value until it is put out on paper.

Choose the correct platform

Yes, choosing the right platform is a vital decision to take while you design an app. You need to opt on which platform you are going to build your app for: be it Android (Google Play Store) or iOS (App Store). Depending on the platform you choose, the rest of the process may differ.

Analyse the competition

Before you start, ask yourself:

  • ‍How is my idea unique?
  • Are there similar apps like the one I am about to create already?
  • What are the gaps in those apps?
  • How do I improve my app based on my competition?

Make sure to research thoroughly on the scope of your product, the pain points of the users and how you can solve their problems. I would also suggest you have a look at your competitors and try to find out the loopholes and scope of improvement in their products before you design an app.

Determine your business goals

What is it that you want to achieve from your app? How do you want to market it? Does your app open up to a new set of customers? Will it increase sales? These questions are worth thinking about before you start investing your time and money to design an app.

Obtain a problem statement

The next step on your design an app course is to gather all the pivotal information on what issues you would be tackling, what kind of people are you trying to target and what are their pain points. The goal here is simple – you need to solve the pain of the user by creating an association with the product so that they identify it as a source of comfort. Think long and hard to come up with an answer for your users. And to do so, I recommend you to the following:

  • Understand the persona of the users. I am sure our persona journal can help you keep things in line.
  • Understand the pain points of the user, which assures the success of your app.
  • Figure out a way to solve their problem and make your product beneficial for the user. 


Now, let us start to create a wireframe, which is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of your app. as you design an app, wireframe helps you test the functionality of your app before developing it. It is a rough sketch of your idea on plain paper, which aids your colleagues to understand how the app will look like and work. On a side note, you can check out some of our wireframe journals for web, mobile and website.

Testing & feedback

You need to test your wireframe and implement numerous feedbacks provided by the multiple users. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP as you may lose time and capital having to redevelop your project in the future.

Map the journey of the user

It is another crucial thing while you design an app. You need to map your user journeys so that you are clear about the actions the users take on the app. Make sure to map all those possible journeys as a user can either have a single journey or multiple ones. Our Customer Journey Mapping Notebook can help you keep things in perspective.

Prototype & usability testing

‍Once you have completed the customer journey part, it is time to prototype the app. The prototype will be functional allowing you to test your user journey without developing it. I think you should include as it saves you a lot of efforts and capital.

Final prototype

Once you have finished usability testing the prototype, it is time to implement the feedback and create a final app prototype.

Acquire an app builder

Now it is time to collaborate with an app builder. As per my recommendation, you can choose from several app builders online. You can also contact a development agency to outsource the entire process, but be cautious as their charges may vary. you can also hire freelancers or code yourself (if you possess the skillset, not necessary though) as it could be time-intensive.

Test in a real environment

After you design an app, just right before launching, test your app in a real environment. Share the executable file with your near and dear ones and ask them to use it for a few days. Make sure to collect feedback regularly, correct its glitches and bugs, and ensure the app works well on all handheld devices.

Start preparing your engines (launch document)

To get listed on app stores, you need to submit some content which will include – app title, description of the app, privacy policy page, email, and so on.

Prepare screenshots for the store

What makes you download the app on your handheld device from any app store? Screenshots and app review video, yeah? The screenshot of the app and its review video will give an idea about its look and feel to the user.

Release your app

In the end, get an account on the chosen app store you created your app for and launch your app.


Dear reader, I hope this has been a fruitful journey for you. I wish you luck as you design an app from the ground up. If you need any help with the intricacies of the process, make sure to check out some of our other blogs to help you increase your knowledge base and make yourself ready for the future.

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