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How Robotic Process Automation does help to save your time?


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the craziest topics searched and talked about especially among students and new-aged learners who want to enhance their skills in the field rather than opting for a general degree. RPA coming into action is making continuous and repetitive work easier and comparatively more accurate. With a drastic shift in technology, RPA is now used by big corporates to small businesses.  

How Robotic Process Automation does help to save your time?

Even students opting for new technology courses are now making RPA their star choice, either as a certification or as a full-fledged degree course. We hear a lot about how RPA will change the world, and how it will satisfy the manual and mundane work that consumes lot of time and human labor. In order to keep uninterrupted process of their work all small and big scale business will opt for RPA. 

So why is RPA the talk of the town and what benefits will it give to the industries? Well, there are a lot of future features to talk about, but first, let’s understand what is RPA. 

What is Robotic Process Automation? 

RPA is a new-age technological stunner that is used by companies and businesses to enterprise their everyday manual tasks like invoice processing, data attraction, invoice processing, manual data attraction, processing queries that are in the portal, maintaining data, and validating consumer data and files and performing these tasks manually become quite tiresome. To make this process handier, more accurate. and time-saving RPA comes into action.  

For instance, if you work for a bank where you have to run repetitive processes like customer service or data entry which consumes a lot of time if done manually, in this case, one can just configure a robot to do this for you. The robot will everyday do this entry for you which will be accurate, error-free, and will your time. In short, it will process and automate the task with the help of robots and software to reduce manual work. This will also enable cost reduction, turnaround times, and manual mistakes done by humans manually. It will also let employees to focus on more crucial and value-added tasks. 

RPA is now used in a wide range of domains where human intervention dawdles time and in huge activities like human resources, finance, supply chain management, healthcare, customer service, accounting and many more. Any domain can use RPA to reduce manual labor and increase efficiency and human intelligence can be used in a better and more beneficial way. 

How do you think RPA works in industries? 

As robots cannot be there in physical form. RPA uses an enormous number of tools it has on everyday basis. The most prominent tools used by RPA 

  • UiPath 
  • Blue Prism 
  • Automation Anywhere 
  • Keysight’s Eggplant 
  • Inflectra Rapise 
  • Pega 
  • Contextor 
  • Kryon 

Because of their user interface, maintenance, and support, these tools are very helpful and thrive in the market. Any tools you choose must be able to perform mainly three functions 

  • It should be able to interact with various systems 
  • It should be able to make decisions and determine its actions based on inputs gathered by another system. 
  • The tool should have an interface to program the bots. 


How RPA saves time in our daily business activities? 

RPA does wonder in customer business activities like 

  • Client onboarding – RPA can be used for onboarding process like, generating contracts, entering customer data etc. and can save a lot of time. 


  • Data updates – Many routine data about any client or any kind of service that need to be updated continuously and manually can be done in second using RPA. 


  • Data validation – To cross-check any kind of data needs a long time if done manually but because of RPA these data can be checked more rapidly. 


  • For this RPA automation is more suitable than other tools because of its easy programmability, scalability, and integration into different systems. 


  • Extracting data – Through Optical character Recognition and screen scrapping necessary data can be extracted from PDFs, scanned documents, and other formats as well. 


  • Data entry and Data Migration – To enter and migrate a huge number of data can be done easily using RPA. It will also check minor errors and validate the entries. 


  • Moving data between different systems 


  • In commercial fields it is used in marketing and sales 


  • Updating CRM and scorecards 


  • Even in the Hospitality and Healthcare sector, RPA is proving to be very useful to do daily manual activities like room reservations or patient data etc. 

It is very useful in technology as well, many functions like 

  • Opening up internal tools to customers or employees 
  • Software Installation 
  • Automated testing 
  • Product updates 


  • Bank Statement reconciliation 
  • Financial Planning 
  • Daily P&L Operation 
  • Treasury Management 

Financial Services

  • Know your customer (KYC) 
  • Loan Processing 
  • Trade Execution 
  • Audits & Trade Finance 
  • Credit Checks 
  • Customer dispute resolution 

Human Resource

  • Candidate Sourcing 
  • Hiring and Onboardings 
  • Payroll Automation 
  • Absence Management 
  • Compensation plan 
  • Expense Management 


Why a career in RPA will be beneficial to new-aged learners? 

RPA has become one of the drifting technologies in the past few years. It came into existence in 2012 and showed a boon in 2016 and from then we see accelerating growth in RPA. RPA is gradually coming into action in different industries. Robotic Process Automation is hailed as one of the industries with big potential and the highest estimated future growth. This is an industry-led course where students will be able to learn & use RPA technological skills with other allied technologies in the domains of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics. 

RPA will equip the students with knowledge of concepts such as the life cycle of RPA, invoking a workflow, meta bots, web control room, etc. with hands-on projects and case studies. RPA even allows telecom industries to automate different tasks across various industries, mostly labor intensive. 

Job opportunities  

  • RPA Tester
  • RPA developer
  • RPA Project Managers
  • RPA Process Designer
  • RPA Architect
  • RPA Production Manager
  • RPA developer
  • RPA Consultant
  • RPA business analyst
  • RPA data analyst

In a Nutshell

With the increase in AI and automation, leading industries are shifting towards RPA which will lessen labor costs and ensure quality. The working of RPA includes four crucial phases – The Planning and finalizing phase the development of the approach, the Development Phase, Deployment, and listing to give a bug-free product and the Support and Maintenance Phase. With this in-depth working RPA excels in giving error-free outlet, leading to refuse operational risk, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing customer experience. 

The current advancement in CS robotics process automation: has opened massive job scopes for RPA engineers. The severity of the pandemic has opened up more scopes in the remote manufacturing and startup sector. Apart from manufacturing, RPA is actively involved in the medical domain. Many developments have been made in the medical field too in covid-19 globally. RPA Engineers are gifted with technical abilities and the scope to work in diverse fields. 

As time changed emergence of distinct roles came into demand. Robotic Process Automation is one of the highest-paying jobs with a good growth rate of salary. Learners need to understand today’s high-competition market with their learning. B.tech CS RPA will allow students exposure provided in the Robotics Automation industry and a great internship opportunity to nurture their skills. 


Making a career in B.tech RPA has never been more lucrative, with rapid growth and the boom of the internet.   

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