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Beginner’s Guide To Customer Journey Map

Beginner’s Guide To Customer Journey Map

On the surface, it looks pretty easy to sell a product to the customer. It does seem like the steps only include pitching the right product and the customer will buy it. However, if you look closely, there are a million other ways by which the customer interacts with your brand long before they even reach your product.

The communication between the customer and the brand doesn’t always have to be verbal. It doesn’t always include talking to the customer care helplines. It includes creating the website, the UX and UI of the website, the way it loads on the screen, the way everything is presented, descriptions and so much more. All of this is before the customer has even reached the product they wish to buy.

As time passes, customers are constantly looking for something new and better. The pace to keep up with the customer’s expectations is too high. And this is where the customer journey map comes into the picture.

What Is a Customer Journey Map?

Customers are the biggest priority of any business to flourish in the market. The best of the best business idea won’t be able to survive if the customers don’t buy it. And the way to go is to give the best experience possible to the target audience. This requires a laid down strategy and a customer journey map to help organize the process. And the question now arises what is a customer journey map?

In simple terms, a customer journey map shows the way a customer is likely to reach the product(s) offered. It visually represents a customer’s journey of searching through the website and how it would look to the customer as they are searching for the product(s) and service(s) offered by the brand. A customer journey map not only covers the official website of the brand but also the social media, emails, live chat, and other channels of communication or reaching the target audience.

Creating a well-planned customer journey map helps in organizing the steps from every channel toward the product. For example, if your medium to reach the customer is through social media, your customer journey map will include the next steps. It would have clicked on the link, reached the website or checked the social media page, a number of tabs that would open, the first category they are likely to explore, etc. It will help you understand the shortcomings your customer might have while accessing the products and ensure that they don’t fall through the cracks.

The process of creating a customer journey map helps the brands to understand where the customer might feel a setback or lose interest while reaching the product. This in turn helps in bettering and easing the entire process.

Why Is A Simple Customer Journey Map Important?

Creating a customer journey map is one of the top priorities of any business to survive. It is a strategic approach to understanding the customer’s expectations and pain points. It helps in bettering their experience with the brand.

One of the most important things about a customer journey map is personalization. Your customer will feel better and more connected with the brand if they are given more options to personalize their searches. At the same time, creating a customer journey map without hampering their freedom has its own benefits which help businesses in the long run. The benefits are as follows:

  • Allows you to optimize the customer onboarding process
  • Bettering the customer experience
  • Understanding the customer’s experiences from researching the product to buying it
  • Helps in creating a logical order to buyer’s journey

The biggest benefit of creating a customer journey map is to better understand the customers. The better you understand their expectations, the better you’ll be able to provide for their needs and journey.

How To Create A Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map is equally important for small and middle businesses as it is for larger enterprises. However, it doesn’t have to be anything complex. It can only be a simple customer journey map without too many complications and details to take care of. At the same time, if you are creating a customer journey map for the first time, it can get a bit tricky if you are not focused. There are certain steps you must follow to create a customer journey map efficiently.

Set a Goal

No two customers will be the same, each to their own. But a customer journey map cannot be created for every persona available. So it is important for you to create something that covers up the journey of pretty much every kind of customer from your target list.

It means while you are creating a customer journey map for your brand, it is crucial to have a goal. Without having a goal, it will be tough for you to understand if your customer journey map will be able to bring out the right outcome as desired. You will not only need to chalk out a map for your existing customers but also for future buyers.

While setting a goal, talk to as many people as you can. This will help you understand how each user would perceive your brand and their entire journey before they make a purchase. Gather as much information as possible and then set an attainable goal. Make sure that your customer journey map answers questions about the limitations and how to further improve the journey.

Customer Research

While you are creating a customer journey map, it will be based on how the customer perceives your brand and their experience overall. Depending on how long your brand is in the market, you will be able to get a handful of records and data regarding how they perceive your brand and their experiences with it.

However, the most real cexperience map ux design can be studied while talking to people in real-time. You can conduct interviews, talk to the employees who are in constant contact with the customers, email surveys, check through customer support and complaint logs, check the recorded customer center conversations, and check your social media pages and online discussions.

Customer Touch Points

Customer Touchpoints will take up a majority of space in your customer journey map. It talks about how and where your customers will interact with your brand. You will be able to understand the customer touch points while you are interacting with the customers. At the same time, you must include information about the action, emotion, and potential challenges that your customer might face throughout the journey.

Once you have identified your customer touchpoints, you can start arranging them in order for your customer journey map.

Format For Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map does not really have a format. But putting the right content over the aesthetics of the map is important. Don’t be afraid of getting feedback from other people. Creating a customer journey map can be a collaborative process.

Keep Your Resources In Check

Your customer journey map will be used in pretty much every part of your business. It will showcase the resources you have used to create the customer experience. So keep track of every resource that you use to scour out the information along with the ones you use to improve the customer journey map.

For example, while you are creating a customer journey map and you happen to find a flaw. It could be that there is no proper tool for customer support to follow up with the customers. So you can use that data to explain the need for the right tool or a system that can make the required changes.

In such a case, you can use the information to invest more in the tools required to improve your customer interaction and manage your team better. This will also help in pitching your ideas to the investors to give them a better understanding.

How To Create Customer Journey Map Template: Customer Journey Map UX

As we mentioned earlier, there is no correct way to make a customer journey map. But you can surely ease the whole process in a much more organized process. There are various software that you can use as a customer journey map tool to ease the entire process and make it better for other people to understand as well.

Hubspot Customer Journey Map Template

Hubspot is a free customer journey map tool that you can use to create templates as per your requirements. It provides the necessary outline for companies who are starting to make a simple customer journey map.

B2B Customer Journey Map

B2B offers the five steps that they believe a customer goes through while interacting with the brands. It goes beyond the purchasing phase and adds the before and after of the purchasing requirements.

B2B customer journey map tool offers the answers to simple questions regarding the customer’s emotions while interacting with the brand.

Ecommerce Customer Journey Map

This software goes beyond the actions and emotions involved. The E-commerce customer journey map also focuses on the customer experiences on a regular day. It measures the customer’s state of mind on the amount of freedom they get after a stimulus.


A business’s success is not measured solely on the ideas and the products and sometimes even on the number of sales. It is measured by the customer’s experience. A good customer experience helps build customers’ loyalty toward the brand. The easier and more unique their experience will be, the better the relationship is likely to build. And creating a customer journey map helps ease the process.

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