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Why pursue UX designing over Fashion Designing and Interior Designing


What is Design and why is it important?  

Design is a process of creation. A creation that roots in the vivid imagination of finding patterns in chaos and infusing a full circle sense into it by aligning distinct useful and significant aspects of the very purpose of design alongside it. In general terms, every plan or strategy is based on the framework of a design. Be it in a business or in an art class. However, primarily, the majority of the world refers design to as creating shapes and patterns that please a user’s senses and bring them ease and comfort. Every design has a purpose. Some aim to make a user’s experience simpler and easier. Others aim to induce a sense of excitement while others may aim to bring a halt to the user’s world of chaos with its power of shapes, lines, and patterns. In short, Design is all-powerful and it is ever-pervasive. Design is everywhere. You may also check integrated courses here!

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Most Prominent Fields in Designing as a career 

Designing is a unique discipline as many of its facets overlap and yet create crucially distinct identities for themselves. There are various possibilities with an aptitude in design where you could try your strengths in. However, here we shall discuss the ones that have been the most prominent ones.

1) UX Designer – UX Designing is thought to be an emerging field in design but it is not. In fact, it is the oldest. UX is the short form for User Experience. Evidence shows that User Experience Designing is being implemented to create a better experience for users for ages. Even the progress that mankind has made from writing on caves to scribbling and jotting ideas on paper is a classic example of UX Designing. However, in the present scenario, UX designers work to simplify the user experience on web pages, apps, and every possible digital screen.

2) Fashion Designer – A fashion designer aims to implement innovative ideas to design new clothes and accessories which appeal to the customer’s taste. Such designs are first sketched on paper and then their intricate components like color, texture, and material are determined. Fashion designers always need to stay up to date with the trends in the fashion industry. You may also check honors degree here!

3) Interior Designer- Professionals in this occupation work with interior spaces to improve the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of the area. They select color schemes, furniture, flooring, lighting, and all other elements of a room or building. Interior designers also sketch their ideas or use design software to communicate their plans with the architects, structural engineers, and builders who bring their designs to life. You may also enroll for the latest batch of UI Certification Courses here!

4) Graphic Designer– One of the most common design careers out there is graphic design. These professionals create designs for marketing collateral, product illustrations, brand identities, and websites using computer software like the Adobe® Creative Suite. They merge technical skills with artistic ability to create a design that resonates with its desired audience. 

Current scenarios in the Design industry/market  

The current scenario in the design market indicates that jobs in the field of UX Designing are on the rise. The scope in the classic streams like Fashion Designing and Interior Designing or Graphic Designing looks quite narrow when compared to UX Designing. With the advent of technology and exponential growth in how businesses serve their products and services to their customers, designing the digital screen for the user has emerged as one of the top job skills employers look for. You may also check about phone ui here!

According to CII, the Design industry in India stands at a whopping 18,332 crores. With the increasing number of brands joining the league every month, this value is only going to rise in the coming time. In order to increase the user base and cater to the Indian audience, companies are proactively trying to engage the attention of their customer base through catchy designs and trying to reach product placement goals through efficient user experience through their apps and websites. You may also read about what is digital fluency here!  

UX Design Career – Most Lucrative career Option in Designing – A Brief Introduction  

UX Designers are the architects of the beauty of everything you see in current product design and on your digital screens. UX Designers create the look and feel of any product, website, app, or video game attempting User satisfaction as their final goal. They aim to construct a system of navigation through the interface that is easy to control and understand for the user. To achieve this goal, they first deep-search their user base and study their behavioral patterns to discover and comprehend what design would suit them best. They also analyze the specific components of any product or system, such as usefulness, value, credibility, and accessibility. You may also learn about paypal mafia here!

User Experience (UX) designers focus on the experience a user has with products, services, or environments—both digital and physical. They improve lives by identifying the pain points of consumers and then envisioning ways to resolve them. 

Job Roles as UX Designers 

The job role of a UX Designer is like a rainbow plate. It’s colorful with shades of Vibgyor m mixed together to give the perfectly balanced neutral shade of Design. As mentioned before, a UX designer fulfills the role of a researcher, data analyst, content creator, and architect of the page. This requires a designer to create prototypes and wireframes, determine cues from the large set of information and data collected, and lastly conduct usability testing. This is one job doing which one can never have a dull moment. It’s exciting, thrilling, and gives immense satisfaction at the end of it.   Meanwhile, you may also check our blog post on advanced construction management here!

To get UX Designer jobs, one can enroll themselves in a quality curriculum course on the subject and get a certification in the same. In India, popular UX Platforms like ImaginXP have curated the Best UX Design Courses (Degree & Certification) which are very popular among the UX community. 


Designing is a very artistic and intuitive area of the work field. Especially because there are many areas like research and development that also overlap with it. Therefore, when choosing a career path for yourself, construct a SWOT analysis and analyze your strengths, Weaknesses, and Opportunities in your choice of career and the Threats. Understand yourself and your desires regarding the kind of problems you would like to solve in your career. Nevertheless, no matter what your job title is, as a designer, you’ll be improving our world by solving human-centered problems. To know more about how you can establish yourself as a top-notch UX Designer, visit our site. 

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