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10 Effective Tips to Improve UX in Your Next Design

10 effective Tips for improve UX

These days organizations are focusing on user experience in the web design community because now they realize the importance of UX design to hold their users back to a site. Many companies are already investing in resources trying to improve UX. But what is user experience? And how should we improve UX for better user experience?

UX is the experience your customer has while using the product. It focuses on the needs and pain-points of the users. It is the content you create to reach and interact with your customers before they have even touched your merchandise. It is pivotal to include all the essential elements in your design so that users have access to precisely what they want as it helps to improve user experience for customers.

Happy Customer Base_ for improve ux

UX is proven to have increased the efficiency of user interaction, usability and accessibility of the product. For better user experience, the product should be easy-to-use and not confusing when used by the users.

But your focus should be to improve UX Design. Do not worry! We are here to help. And this is how we do it –

focus should be on improve ux

Story Telling

Storytelling is an engaging and interactive method that creates a fascinating experience for users to improve UX. It presents the most complex content to the users in an effective way. It also helps in improving user experience and conversions. For example, Every Last Drop raises awareness on the daily consumption of water through storytelling. It brings the attention of users to the most critical tasks

Help users to identify the essential tasks quickly

Users tend to spend less time when they are using a mobile app or a web app as compared to the desktop or laptop screen. And if the user is not able to get the desired information in those few minutes, they will move to other apps for a solution. So, to improve UX with the help of effective UX design, users get the most pivotal information without any hassle. For this purpose, you need to include some scenarios. For example, Orbitz presents advertisements and information on hotels, destinations, etc. at the forefront. The left side of the website has trip planners, and the right side covers top interests, popular destinations, hotels, etc. It simplifies this for the user and gives them a better user experience.

essential task in improve ux

When assessing the Orbitz mobile app, users will be less interested in advertisements and special offers. Users will prefer checking hotels, flights and other details about the destination. 

Page loading time

The page loading speed of your website is quite imperative. 40% of people will abandon your app if it is taking more than 3 sec to load. One of the root UI/UX tips is to believe that people engage with a product when they can move freely. To improve UX, focus on its content rather than waiting.

Users hate the back button

Users don’t like to press the back button. If there are external links on your product, make sure they open in a separate tab for better user experience. The same can be applied if the information available is on more than one page. For example, suppose a page has in-depth information about a particular product. In that case, it should include internal links to other suggested products or an easy way to go back to a complete list of products to improve UX. Make it easy to get back to the all-encompassing page to improve user experience for customers.

user hate the back button in improve ux

Create a delicate balance in your layout

These days, users are interested in parallax scrolling effects and front-end visuals which soothe the eyes. The information UX designer is giving to the users should maintain a balance between the elements which will provide a visually pleasing picture of the objects placed in the web design to improve UX. With the help of the asymmetrical design, it can be achieved. Also, symmetry helps in making the design look more organized and understandable to users and improve user experience. For example, on the website of Regenerator, the content is placed horizontally in a symmetrical manner, making design easy to understand, to improve user experience.

  call to action in layout                    

Separate CTAs (Call to Action)

Website dedicated pages where you want your customers to do one thing and nothing less, single CTA is best for those pages to improve UX. For example, landing page, squeeze pages, lead capture page. These pages perform better with single CTA because they are more focused, improving user experience and conversions. A service page which offers options to send enquiry to a team requires a single CTA. However, there are website pages for multiple CTAs too, like home page, store page, contact pages might need more than one CTAs.

Break the elements of the page into separate parts

It is easier for the users to understand the information on a web page if it is in groups of logical blocks and different blocks of text with a colour background. Every element has distinct areas on a website where the user might be clicking.  

break the elements into seperate parts in improve ux

It is  Crazy Egg Website Overlay Report which indicates clickable elements on a website and assign (+) mark to it. When you click on those markers, you will see the number and percentage of users clicking on those elements.

For instance, if any element on the page gets a large number of clicks, one of the UI/UX tips would be to make sure that the element is hyperlinked to a significant page such as landing page to improve UX.

Understand how people are navigating and clicking on your website

The website navigation should allow users to reach any page of your website within three clicks. Keep in mind that you want your users to explore further on your site. For better user experience, inspire curiosity by giving them great offers so that they click on all the links provided to them.

understand how people are navigating and clicking on your website

To improve UX in your design, you can take this website navigation example of WE3.

example of we3

  • The site’s primary focus is to locate friends in your city. 
  • The look of the download button is distinctive.
  • The site has a simple search option at the top.
  • As this is a socially-oriented brand, the designer has highlighted the links in the header navigation.
  • Then they have footers which contain the site’s main page and other accessible resources called fat footers to improve UX. They allow more links, which means better user experience.

Optimize the most important pages

Prioritize the essential pages of your website such as home page, landing page, about us page, and contact page. Most valuable pages vary from business to business. For example, if you are in e-commerce, you start with a landing page to improve UX. Begin with one page at a time, run some user behaviour reports, and move on to A/B testing. Once you have optimized the most crucial page, continue moving on to other pages on the list.

Improve Customer service

Improve customer service

No matter how great your product is, the first thing customers are likely to remember is their direct interactions with your company. To improve UX, you need excellent customer service, which is all about attending to the needs and desires of the customer. It helps in improving user experience and conversions.

Here are a few customer services tips –

  • Clear communication – One of the UI/UX tips is to use authentic, cheerful, and positive language. Never end the conversation without confirming customer satisfaction.
  • Give customers a way to provide feedback – To ensure your strengths and weaknesses and to improve UX, one of the UI/UX tips is, to remember to take feedback from your customers. Whether it’s an email survey sent directly from a CRM tool, a phone survey at the end of the service call or a form on the Contact Us page of your website, always create a means for customers to give feedback, to improve user experience for customers. This scenario makes it easier for you to know what needs improvement. 
  • Get personal: Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and write responses when your customers post on your page. One of the UI/UX tips is to post photos, bios on your website; this shows your customers that real people are working on their behalf.
  • Follow up after the problem is solved: One of the UI/UX tips is to make sure any issue the user is facing stays fixed. Send an email or a feedback survey to let the customer know you are still on their side and improve user experience for customers.

UX Design Tips Recap

While you are at the design, it is important that you ensure to never forget some of the most important tips. They are as follows :

  • Engagement

UX designs tips are majorly focused on the consumer’s interaction with the design. Engagement is crucial. The user should be able to relate to your design. They should be habitual to the way you organise your content. UX design is all about being able to organise your website or your app in a way that the user feels at ease.

  • Simple and Responsive

Think like a consumer. Not everyone will be tech-savvy. So it’s important that you ensure that the structure and the design are done in a way that is simple to understand.

  • Target Audience

Another important thing to remember is to make sure that you are clear as to who your target audience is. Different types of audience will engage in the content differently.


Driving customers to your business by focusing on better user experience is a powerful method. Customers want seamless experience once they step into your store or land on your website. They should know where they have to go and from where they have to start, without any stumbling blocks. To improve UX, look at your business through the eyes of your customers and design according to their preferences. Start with the above building blocks, use “Crazy Egg tools” with customer data to figure out what you need to change in your website or test to improve user experience for customers. 

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