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Wireframe examples you need to start your design Journey


As a UX/UI designer, you’d understand that having the perfect working website is much more than the decorations and having the right colours and the perfect font. If you get down to the layers of the website, you would understand that there is so much more to it, than the audiences know about. You would find a very well-designed and worked upon wireframe. It holds the entire website together from the scratch. It keeps the basic structure alive and in progress as you move forward with building your website and updating it further. It allows you to have that basic skeleton to ensure that you don’t move away from your initial plan.

While wireframing has many benefits, the two most important ones are as follows. The first being that it will help you keep the wireframe design process different from the UX process. You can choose the journey to go with objectively and not get confused with the display part of it. You can worry about the colours and the aesthetics later. At the same time, when you are doing the aesthetics, you would not have to be worried about what you are putting in your website and why.

Secondly, wireframes help you to stay organized and professional in front of your clients. Having the right wireframe by your side, you’ll be able to show your clients your expertise in the field and have their points in the design process during the initial stages itself. It will help you create multiple wireframe examples to ensure that your clients know what you are doing with the website and help them understand the outcome of all the work that is to be done in the later process.

However, creating wireframes is not an easy task. You would need some sort of inspiration from here and there. And to help you with the same, we got you some of the best wireframe examples to understand the procedure and build something around as well.

Example Of Wireframe Web Design

1.   Hand Drawn Wireframe Examples

Hand-Drawn-Wireframe-Examples (1)

When it comes to creating wireframes or wireframe examples, there is no right way to do it. Some UX Designers are more comfortable with creating wireframes digitally. Some of the designers prefer to stay traditional with pen and paper to create the wireframes for their website. You can choose to take whichever way you want, but pen and paper so far seems to be the best option amongst all. It helps you clear your head and organize your thoughts better. It’ll help you make decisions more precisely and explore different options quickly. And most importantly, going the traditional way with your sample wireframes for websites will help you stay away from the distractions. You’ll be able to focus better.

2.   Low Fidelity Wireframe Examples


Low fidelity wireframes will help you and your team to have the best worked-upon solutions for your website as fast as  possible. A low fidelity wireframe is not about having a complete design. It simply works as initial wireframe examples to help your clients understand the features they’d want on the website and have a basic idea of how the base of their website would look like.

Low fidelity wireframe will make your job easier in the long process as it easily be reshaped as you keep making progress with your design. It will help you save a lot of extra efforts that you might have had to do, if you went ahead without your wireframe design.

3.   User Journey With Wireframe

User Journey With Wireframe (1)

Interactive wireframe examples will help in the long run for your non-technical clients. When you are displaying your design to your clients, you must always remember that it’s not very often that you would find clients that know a lot about the tech world. So you will need to be as basic as possible. Your wireframe will have to draw a picture for the basic structure of the website for your clients. The right wireframe will keep the content in an organized fashion and easy for the users and the clients to understand.

4.   Multiple Search Options


As we have mentioned before, wireframes examples for your client is only the basic structure and not the entire baked out website. The wireframe you would be showing to the website will ensure that your clients and the users are involved in the process. Having multiple search options without compromising on the design of the website, will make it even more interactive for your clients.

It is good for your users to have multiple options to choose from before they finally make a purchase. The idea is to ensure that your target users spend as much time as possible to interact with your content.

5.   Detailed Wireframe Examples


When you are working on your wireframe diagram, you have to ensure that you are extremely clear about your design. While you are working on your design, be as detailed as possible. This doesn’t mean that you have to mention the colours and the aesthetics in the first draft. But understand and be prepared with the basic techniques and the categorization of the content that you or your clients are willing to put forward for the audience.

6.   High Fidelity Wireframe Examples


A high fidelity wireframe will help you go with the basic aesthetics or the colours of the web design. It goes beyond having a very basic draft of the website. It usually includes the actual content, colours and the image dimensions for the website. It still is a simple design for your website but it will get more clarity in the initial process of web design.

7.   Hi-Fi Interactive Wireframe Examples


As designers move forward with the design process, some prefer to have wireframes with some colours that they might have in mind for the website. It gives away the basic and colourful layout of the website and helps your client visualise the website better than usual. At the same time, there will still be a lot of work to be done until you can come up with the end product. But you’ll be much clearer with what you expect from the end product.

This also brings us to the question, what are the colors used in a wireframe? The colors of your wireframe are usually kept basic for everyone in the team and the client to understand. This means that error messages are shown in red, underlined links come out to be blue, positive messages are in green and many more. Without the right usage of colors, some of the stakeholders might miss out on the important messages that the colors display in the wireframe examples.

8.   Mobile and Desktop Versions of Wireframe Examples


With the changing times and technologies, gone are the days when people would open their laptop or desktop to look something up. Everybody uses their phones to google something and that’s when you need to be prepared. When you are designing wireframe examples for your website, you must keep in mind that the way things are shown on a laptop, will be shown differently on a mobile phone. And you cannot afford to ignore either of them. Especially if you are going to develop an app for the website, you would need app wireframe examples as well. If you are not prepared with a website that is accessible via both forms, the interactivity would be less as the end users will not be able to understand the design.

When you are creating wireframe examples for a desktop version of the website the next step to do is to have a mobile version as well. The more interactive and compatible your design is with laptop and desktop, the more attraction will it receive from the audience.


At the end, the most important thing is to have the best wireframe examples chalked out before you go ahead with the designing process. It will help you, your team and your clients to be involved in the process and visualise the same things as you.

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