Placement Journey: Namisha Daftari

Transition from an Engineer to a UX Designer

Namisha’s journey to work as a UX Design is a pretty interesting one!

Namisha was already a working professional when she decided to listen to her heart’s calling and made up her mind to pursue Design as her career. It was a rather bold move as she was already qualified and working as a Computer Engineer. She explored her options and decided to enroll in the ImaginXP Jumpstarter course in the year 2017 at the Pune center. This course was perfect for her as ImaginXP conducted classroom lectures in UX Design on weekends.

In the three months that she underwent the course, she learned the UX Design principles, framework, and tools under the expert guidance of their trainer, Yashodhan Deshmukh. She worked hard on the assignments and for the written test. At the end of her course, she was also ready with her project for the Jury presentation. She did a great job of presenting her project by articulating her design process, the rationale behind her decisions and the finished prototypes. Her solid work on her assignments, test, project, as well as her presentation skills, paid off. She was awarded the ImaginXP course completion certificate with a Design Quotient (DQ) Score of 7.8 (WOW!).

She was quite happy with her score and thought she could now crack any interview easily. ImaginXP lined up two placement interviews for her, as she was eligible for it since her DQ score that was above 6.5. Sadly, the meetings did not go well for her, and she ended up with no job offer.

After some introspection, she realized that she needed to improve and grow her portfolio. It would help future employers get a better understanding of her capabilities and her Design process. She decided to work on a couple of independent projects to add to her portfolio. She decided on the subjects for her project and worked diligently on them. She talked to a lot of people – her friends, family, and colleagues at work for her project research. She also frequently sought guidance from her ImaginXP trainer whenever needed. It helped her in user research for creating some awesome design projects. She made sure she presented her design process along with the finished Design in her portfolio.

The first break as a UX Designer

Armed with this plump portfolio, Namisha started applying for UX Design positions at various companies. Consequently, she got an interview call from Accenture. She was already feeling more confident now that she had already practiced and polished her UX Design skills. She further prepared herself well by brushing up on her UX Design knowledge and reading up on the most likely questions they may ask at UX Design interviews. This preparation ensured that she succeeded. Further, she was asked to do a Design challenge and submit the same in a stipulated time frame. The interviewers must’ve liked her answers and her design thinking methodology because she ended up with the job offer for the coveted position of a UX Designer at Accenture!!

She has now moved on to John Deere as a UX Designer. She is busy these days enjoying her current role.

Namisha’s advice to UX Design Students

Her advice to UX Design students aspiring to land a UX Designer job is to work actively on building a good portfolio. She thinks it is essential proactively keep practicing the Design skills that one learns during the course. It entails gathering more and more knowledge on the subject independently and then to work on various projects to sharpen your skills. ImaginXP helps lay the foundation, but you have to put in efforts to build on it.

Namisha on ImaginXP’s Jumpstarter Course

“This course is well structured and was incredibly taught by faculty. My faculty gave immediate attention to my queries and made sure that my smallest doubt got cleared. This course guided me on my path to achieving my career goals.”

Thank you, Namisha, for sharing your placement journey with us. You make ImaginXP so proud!