When UX is the King
and Content is His Queen!

Gamification in UX

As a UX Designer, one of your jobs is to design a website or mobile application
that can engage the users and …

Author : Shashank Shwet
Founder & CEO, Fortune Cookie


How to create an effective questionnaire

User is the core of any UX designing. But, how do we know our users? How do we
know what do they want or what …

Author : Shashank Shwet
Founder & CEO, Fortune Cookie


Usability testing-
making it effective

Usability Testing is probably the most important aspect of User Experience
Research. Why? Well, …

Author : Shashank Shwet
Founder & CEO, Fortune Cookie


We are living in an increasingly digital world with technology entering every aspect of our daily lives from buying groceries to availing health services and managing our finances. Our organizations are also becoming more and more digital with the adoption of technology not only for communication and collaboration but also to bring in operational efficiency, productivity and reducing costs.In this scenario, all organizations have to come appreciate the importance of UX design to create successful products. Today, every organization that is becoming digital is hiring UX designers. UX design has grown to become one of the fasted growing disciplines in the field of technology, with demand far greater than the availability of trained designers. In addition, UX design has application across domains, pays very well and has high growth potential.The most important part – Anyone can become a UX designer! All you need is the right training and you are ready to start your career in UX.

The average salary of a fresher in the field of UX design ranges from 4 – 7 lacs/annum on an average. Students graduating from some of the premier Design schools can take away anywhere between 9-12 lacs/annum as their starting package and off course as you grow the sky is the limit. However, since UX design is a nascent field that has grown in popularity only in the past decade, the opportunity for career growth is much faster as compared to other careers such as software development, graphic design and animation. Food for thought is that, on an average UX designers earn 35% more than their peers in software development.

UX design has application in almost every industry segment ranging from – IT/ITES, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, manufacturing, product companies, media, healthcare and more. Just a google search of UX jobs will throw up more than 15,000 open positions on Naukri.com. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Deloitte Digital, IBM etc. have some of the largest UX teams in India.

UX Designing comprises a wide range of activities which collate to form the whole process. As a UX Designer, you can find your expertise in any, some or even all of these activities. You can join as a User researcher, Interaction designer, Visual Designer, Usability tester.  You will hold opportunities to work in a huge range of industries varying from manufacturing to finance. So, you can pick your industry of interest, each with a great challenge to offer.