Designing digital experiences to delight your users


In this day and age, when consumers are literally spoilt for choices for every need that they have, it is imperative for brands to delight their users. Even more so in the digital space where users spend most of their time today and reach out to for all their needs and information.

So how does a brand create those great moments of customer delight that keeps a user hooked on and engaged with your experience?

One of the tools that user experience designers use for creating moments of delight in product experiences is a customer journey map. A customer journey map defines all the interaction points that a customer or user has with your product across all stages of the journey. For example, the stages of a customer journey for the purchase of an FMCG product would be something like – need identification, consideration, decision to buy, buy, unbox, use and throw. In a customer journey map, you would list down all the interactions that the user has under each of these stages. Each of these interaction points is a Moment of Truth that you have with your user. Now, generally, a customer journey map would be like a line graph with the user oscillating between positive and negative emotions. So an interaction that makes a user happy, excited or curious is a positive moment of truth and an interaction that makes a user sad, frustrated or angry is a negative moment of truth.

Identifying these moments of truth and being able to map the emotions that the user is going through at each interaction is the key to defining those critical engagement points that are going to delight your users. Successful brands are those that are able to convert negative moments of truth into positive moments of truth and even more so when they are able to convert positive moments of truth into Moments of Delight!