DE-SIGN @ Ranchi

Hotel Capitol Hill
10th November 2019

There is a saying,

“Knowledge is power; information is liberating; education is the premise of progress; in every society, in every family.”   

I experienced this at the DE-SIGN event held in Ranchi city at Hotel Capitol Hill on 10th November 2019. The event was all about creating and bridging the gap between students and working Design professionals.

This event saw the participation of many universities like Amity University, Pearl Academy, Kalinga University, ImaginXP, etc. and gave the students information about the various design streams.

I was representing ImaginXP there to introduce the students to Design Thinking & UX Design and loved this interaction with them. This event allowed me to collaborate with so many creative students as well as many other universities from all over India. I was thrilled to participate and be a part of such an enthusiastic crowd and unique event. The theme of this event was to create awareness about the various career avenues in the design industry.

Through this design event, children learned that they have the power to change the world with Design Thinking. This event aimed to help the 12th standard students learn about various design streams, understand its value, and have the confidence to opt for it as a career choice.

Design Thinking and UX Design is an approach to learn about developing students’ creative confidence. To make them understand this better, we gave the students an engaging hands-on design challenge that focused on encouraging ideation, developing empathy, promoting a bias toward action, developing awareness, and fostering active problem-solving.

In the course of the event, gradually, the conversation veered towards how students see the design in everything, and suddenly everybody wanted to share their views on design and how it is shaping their lifestyle, influencing emerging industry trends and impacting businesses. Students started a discussion about the future of design in India. Each student had a viewpoint, and it just dawned on everyone that the way forward can be through design.

“I enjoyed the conversations that emerged through this interaction! It seemed the kids did deep dive into the subject and thought wide in terms of the process.” 

  • By Yamini Arora
    15th November 2019