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As we move forward towards modernism and progress, it is time we are inclusive of choices as well. It isn’t only about having more choices for the people but also to ensure that people are empowered to make those choices as well. As we have seen from the past few years, students are constantly being pressurised into streams that they may or may not be interested in. This is seen more within the aspirants of JEE/NATA/NEET. However, we introduce you to different steam opportunities and one of them being UX Design.

Secondary Approach

It is a well-known fact that the number of students sitting for JEE/NATA/NEET is increasing with each passing year. And the seats in the colleges are not progressing in the same ratio. Given the fact that not even 30% of the students make it to their desired colleges, it is common for the aspirants to be heartbroken.

In times like these, students tend to feel like a failure especially when we have put certain courses or career lines at a very high priority. The only way forward from a situation like is to keep looking for something new and different. Something that would accommodate your skills and aspirations. 

However, the next steps of preparation and moving beyond the mainline careers start when we create an environment like that. These changes are not only being seen at an intermediate level. But they have started to reflect upon the early stages of schooling as well. Especially after the New Education Policy announced earlier this year. The new guidelines aim at making education according to what every child would benefit from and more skill-oriented than rote learning. This makes it even more important for us to acknowledge the diverse nature and interests of students.

But before reaching to the aspirants, it is important that we learn about the secondary options. Further realising the fact that there is a world out there who recognizes the potential of people who can think out-of-the-box and bring something different to the table.

While there are a million options available, one of the most prominent options is User Experience Designer or UX Designer.

What is a UX Designer?

In general terms, UX Design is to ensure that the people using a certain thing has the easiest experience as possible. It starts from something as basic as a smartphone. The way you use your phone, the way everything is placed and gives you the choice of further customization is all because of UX Design.

UX Designers ensure that the way you see things digitally or use them are easy for you to use and understand. And it is not limited to this. It further involves product design, branding and much more.

How Do You Become A UX Designer?

We at Imaginxp offer you many colleges which have both BA and MA degrees in this field. Some of the colleges are Chitkara University, DIT University, Mody University, Sandip University and many more.

Is UX Designing a Right Career?

UX Design is an upcoming industry. The market has a huge demand for people who can create and come up with something new. LinkedIn even released a list of the pay scale of UX designers in various companies. The average per annum package was for at least 20 lacs.


In case you are having second thoughts, just remember that there will be a time that every career will stop asking for me. But UX design is a career that can never be replaced. It functions solely on your creativity and ideas and if you seem to can’t run out of them, UX Design is perfect for you!

ImaginXP is leading the HigherEd revolution offering some of the best future skills certification courses and full time degree programs in Business, design and Technology. We are pioneering the higher educational space with top-notch faculties and industry-led curriculum.

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