School Connect
Program ‘22

Upgrading Indian Schools with
Essential Next-Gen Skills

Upgrading Indian Schools with
Essential Next-Gen Skills

  1. • Get Free Counselling
    from Experts
  2. • Free Development
    Training for Teachers
  3. • 3 Months Extensive Training
    in Future Skills

Why School Connect Program?

Designed with the vision of empowering our academic system with future-ready skills, ImaginXP’s School Connect program ’22 engages both Students and Teachers on a long term basis, thereby advancing their learnings in new-age technologies. Gain essential experience in global skills to interact with the real world.

  1. 20+NEP Enabled
  2. 120+Faculties
  3. 1250+Corporate Coaches

What are Future Skills?

Future-ready skills are combined competencies in technical and non-technical domains such as social/emotional learning, critical/analytical thinking, decision making, and more than all equipped learning in a diverse set of

experiences to thrive in the future’s economy.

Today, the technology advancements are not just creating new knowledge and experiences, but also offering new opportunities in relevant industries. Hence moving forward learning these future technologies certainly gives a win-win result.


NEP based E-Learning Modules on Future Skills Learning

  1. • 1 Month of Exclusive School to University Program
  2. • Live Projects on Design & Technology with Industry Experts
  1. • Social, Emotional & Leadership Learning
  2. • Earn Future Skill Ambassador Badge
  1. 3 Months of Design Thinking & Innovation Program
  2. • Live Research Projects
  3. • Get Recognized as Future-Skill Ambassadors
  1. • Perform Live sessions with Industry Experts & become Mentors
  2. • Learn to access Digital Learning Tool-kits

Connect With You

    Future-ready is Life-ready! Unlike other platforms, ImaginXP aims at establishing a strong foundation in future skills right from the high school environment. The program intensively focuses on training & unleashing the potentials of both high-school and higher secondary students in diverse specializations like coding, design thinking and innovation, social and emotional learning, career building, entrepreneurship and much more.

    No matter how the technology looks like in the future, we shape the students with facts and figures that help them compete in the imminent landscape.

    About ImaginXP

    Impactful Learning
    For Everyone

    1. 30+ Tie Ups with Renowned Universities, institution
    2. 50+ Corporate Partnerships
    3. 80+ Full Time Faculty
    1. 1250+ Corporate Coaches
    2. 2000+ Full-time Students
    3. 15000+ Strong Network of Alumni
    1. 150+ Design Workshops
    2. 1000+ Hours of Video Content
    3. 80000+ Community Members

    ImaginXP has partnered with 30+ universities and across the country, to offer full-time Degree programs, for-credit and executive certifications. 1250+ working professionals act as corporate coaches and mentors on the ImaginXP MyCoach platform to train and mentor through masterclasses, live projects and workshops to increase student employability.


    • How do I register for the School Connect Program?

    Click on the "Register Now" button displayed above on this page and simply fill in your details on the form. We will connect with you for further steps.

    • Am I eligible for a FREE Counselling session?

    Yes, upon registration initially we offer a FREE Counselling Session to all students.

    • Are teachers offered any FREE training?

    Yes, once registered, we will offer a FREE development training session to all teachers.

    • Is the program structure the same for students and teachers?

    No, though this is a 2 in 1 program specially designed to upskill students and teachers, the modules and learnings are entirely different for students and teachers.

    • What is the duration of the program?

    The program duration varies from 1 - 3 months based upon the skill module you've been categorized under.

    • How much is the program fee?

    • Is the program conducted online or offline?

    The program will be conducted online through ImaginXP's MyCoach App.

    ImaginXP MyCoach

    The industry led curriculum learning happens on "mycoach" platform. The platform now engages