Nuclear MBA


3 months crash course covering business basics, design, development and management. Nuclear MBA is a perfect package to get the knack for start-up enthusiastic.

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Nuclear MBA for start-up Course description

This is the perfect certification course for any individual who aspires to become an entrepreneur.  In-depth knowledge on all the aspects which are required for any start-up. This course will cover all the points like: Business Economics, business model design, foundation of management, Accounting, Law, Ethics, Creativity, Market Research, Innovative ideas and development, Strategy, Analytics, Leadership, Negotiations, etc.


Nuclear MBA 3 months certification course will push you to move ahead faster and give you a smarter approach towards your start-up. This certification course will be like a ladder enabling you quick climbing towards you business goals which otherwise might take a longer time to gain via experience.

Learning Outcome

  1. Master the art of transforming ideas into business
  2. Learn in-dept business entrepreneurship
  3. Over-all thought process required for developing business idea and executing the same
  4. How to design a start-up considering risk and adapting flexibility.


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