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Empathy and User research book + E-Course on User Research

ISBN - 9788195171545


The book Empathy and User Research teaches budding UX designers and user researchers how to listen actively to the knowledge people have about their own experiences. This approach gives structure to values and qualities. It implies paying attention to the innate and underlying structure of people’s thoughts and mental models, understanding the intricacies of an organization’s structure and the needs of a client when they want to conduct research to better prepare for the market. This book serves as a practical guide for those teaching user research methods to designers and for those using these methods in practice.

Freeecourse on user research
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About the authors

This book has been written by the founders of ImaginXP - Shashank Shwet, Sonam Agarwal, and Vidhika Rohatgi, along with ImaginXP’s head curriculum designer, Eshayat Taskin.

  • Shashank Shwet

    He is a visionary with more than a decade of experience in the industry across the fields of technology, design and business management. He has variously held the roles of Director of marketing, CEO & founder, as well as being one of the youngest partners ever at EY. His varied experience with both startups as well as various Fortune 500 companies gives him a unique perspective on the challenges faced by companies and how to use design principles to solve for them.

  • Sonam Agarwal

    She has worked with various startups as well as global leaders across industries helping them apply design thinking methodologies for innovation, business strategy and customer experience. Her experience spans various geographies with an expertise in research methodologies and deriving critical research outcomes.

  • Vidhika Rohatgi

    She is one of earliest formally educated UX designers in the country and has served various global companies both in India as well as US and Europe as a Design Director, Chief Design Office (CDO), and Design Consultant. She is a prolific speaker, passionate educator, and a well-known figure in design circles.

  • Eshayat Taskin

    She is the head curriculum designer at ImaginXP. She has demonstrated experience in the fields of academic research and education. She has previously conducted extensive research in understanding the phenomenon of ‘Gaming Addiction’ in the Indian population. With expertise in clinical psychology and research, she has been an integral part of designing educational material on UX and research at ImaginXP.


Empathy mapping and user research book | User Research Course

Through the course of this book, you will develop a solid understanding of the fundamental stages and methods of user research, and you will learn how to apply the practical skills and knowledge gained in your academic and professional work life. The course content will take you through industry-relevant case studies, fun facts, success stories, all of which will help you dive further into understanding the relevance of user research in the industry.

At the closure of every chapter, the reader will find a series of practical exercises and discussion question that build on one another to provide a holistic understanding of the user research process. The goal of solving the exercises, whether individually or as a collaborative exercise, is to impart hands-on experience with the methods you will explore in this book.

If you complete them, it will go a long way in acquiring an essential skill in UX design. You may also then apply your learning in designing an elaborate portfolio to showcase your expertise to future employers and academic institutions. A portfolio is crucial if you want to step into or make a career in the field of UX design.

Why to learn Empathy and User Research :

  • Be a UX Leader in the industry and
  • Choose a path to become a product growth hacker and
  • This helps in becoming a mini CEO in the company

Empathy mapping is crucial for UX professionals as it allows them to truly comprehend and uncover the users’ potential needs and emotions. Solving the user’s problems by interpreting their behaviour and designing a marvellous product based on what the user thinks, does, feels, and says is the difference between good and great UX professionals. Empathy mapping is a tried and tested human-centred approach to understand the user better, ensuring a product puts the user at the centre. Empathy and user research leads to be a UX leaders in the industry.

Dive deep into “Empathy Mapping and User Research”

Empathy is at the centre of user experience. And UX professionals should vindicate on behalf of the users to enjoy the delightful and hassle-free product. But UX professionals will not accomplish this goal without understanding their users – how they reason, what they want, and how they perceive. This is where empathy mapping comes into play. Empathy mapping is a valuable tool utilised by UX professionals to visually communicate gathered research data to understand user behaviour, bringing everyone involved in the project on the same page.

An empathy map was created by Dave Gray at XPLANE to limit confusion and miscommunication towards customers or users. This visualisation tool causes the UX professional to identify the user group’s motivation, thoughts, desires, feelings, and needs, focusing on the user group’s requirements rather than their own.

Empathy mapping has two primary goals:
● Establish a familiar perception of the user needs,
● Help in decision making.

While managing user research, one can learn a lot about their users. Through empathy mapping, one can visualise such findings through the behaviour, facial expressions and body language of the users. An empathy map is the representation of that data in a concise format. UX Professionals can use empathy mapping as an excellent way to start understanding their audience.

Here are some benefits of empathy mapping:
● An in-depth perception of the user.
● Discovering vulnerabilities in the research
● Abstracted learning through a visual reference.
● Callouts of pivotal insights.
● Easily customisable, quick and economical.
● Brings the entire team on the same page.


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