2-Day Figma Workshop

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Learn the fundamentals of Figma, and understands why figma is considered one of the most powerful and collaborative tool for designing

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Figma workshop description

By attending this 2-day workshop you will get a deep functioning understanding of Figma, a collaborative UX design tool. You will understand how to use Figma for projects you created by an individual or distributed across a team. This course will explain you what Figma is and how to get a Figma projects started. Discover how inherit cloud nature makes it simple and pleasant to use for multiple team members to work on a single project in real-time. This unique concept of teamwork and collaboration makes Figma one of the most popular trends in the entire IT industry.


On successful completion of this 2-day Workshop, you will earn yourself a Certification in Figma Fundamentals 

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding of Figma and the basic tools used.
  • Learning how to draw and make advanced icons, illustrations using these tools.
  • Working with color, text and visualize designs and apply them in a composition.
  • Getting a hands-on experience by working on various components and prototypes.
  • Discovering how to use Figma for any UX Design project.


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