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Become a Certified Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Professional with the IRM

World Leader in ERM Exams – IRM Global Level 1 | Easy EMI Options Avaliable

IRM is the world’s leading professional body for Enterprise Risk Management Qualifications. IMAGINXP is an academic partner of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) – India Affiliate.

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    About the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) and IRM India Affiliate

    The Institute of Risk Management (headquartered in the UK) is the world leader in professional Enterprise Risk Management Qualifications / Examinations and Memberships from Level 1 to Level 5. IRM has been driving excellence for over 30 years across 143 countries with 5000+ examination centers worldwide.

    About IRM’s Level 1 Examination
    1. Understand


      What is risk culture and risk maturity

      The purpose and scope of risk management

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      Guidance from top faculties in risk management

      100% resourceful study materials

      Jobs in the highly-demanding Risk Management Sector

    3. Practice


      Global frameworks and guidelines

      Risk assessment using case studies to identify and analyze

    IRM’s Level 1 Examination is the first step towards starting a career in Enterprise Risk management certification with the world leading professional body. Successful completion of IRM’s Level 1 Examination entitles you to an international certificate, access to further qualifications in the 5-level pathway to Certified Fellowship. The Level 1 Examination can be pursued by students and working professionals alongside their graduation or post-graduation or professional career. Candidates who are aspiring risk leaders, budding entrepreneurs, next-gen family business owners or business heads have been enrolling for IRM’s examinations.

    Risk management courses Examination covers the foundational knowledge that organisations expect as well as the critical risk identification and mitigation skills that professionals need to respond to complex uncertain events impacting all departments of an organisation that include marketing, human resources, procurement, supply chain, information technology, cyber security, sales, legal, research & development and many more. The curriculum empowers you with the theory and practice of enterprise risk management in-line with ISO 31000 standards, COSO framework and industry best applications with a combination of case studies, applied exercises and current affairs. As the awareness of risk management grows from an enterprise perspective, employers and regulators have recognised IRM’s qualifications across all industries and sectors.



    IMAGINXP is the 1st Ed-Learning Partner of IRM India Affiliate to conduct extensive training for individuals who are willing to take up the Level 1 ERM Examination from IRM. Right from enrollment to preparation for the exam, ImaginXP offers skill-based training experiences from experts in the risk management sectors.

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    Program Modules

    1. Understanding the Risk
      • Risk Maturity
      • Global interconnected events
      • Understanding the principles and processes of risk management
    2. Context and objectives
      • Understanding the purpose and scope of risk management
      • Establishing the relevant risk framework including roles and responsibilities and policies
      • Develop an awareness of risk appetite
    3. Risk Assessment
      • dentification techniques
      • Assessing risk
      • Selecting appropriate actions and controls using key tools, such as risk registers, risk bowties and risk matrices
      • Practically applying risk assessment using case studies to identify and analyze
    4. Risk Action
      • Understanding risk treatment plans
      • Recognizing control effectiveness
      • Awareness of business resilience
    5. Communication and Reporting
      • Techniques to keep the risk management process alive
      • Development and appreciation of effective risk reporting
      • Communicate risk to all levels and to external stakeholders


    1. Work in risk consulting, risk-research, risk-based due diligence, risk analytics or credit risk
    2. Set up your own risk tech startup
    3. Become a Chief Risk Officer
    4. Become a risk-intelligent business leader in Supply Chain/Cybersecurity/Marketing/Human Resources and other fields
    5. Start your career with a significant salary advantage
    6. Command a higher salary amongst your peers who are just domain experts
    7. Solve complex problems and mitigate risks in your domain
    8. Help your organization reduce the impact of any risk and crisis
    9. Take risk-based decisions which are well thought through after considering all threats
    10. Contribute towards the development of a risk culture


    Capable skills in communication, diplomacy, logic, business, and negotiation are valued highly, as risk professionals often need to engage with different stakeholders who have distinct requirements and constraints that need to be addressed. A grasp of business, and the specific sector they work in, are also important as this helps in making better-informed decisions to benefit the organization.

    Risk professionals can perform a number of different functions, and there are several roles that can be pursued in this career:Business Head,Internal Auditor,Risk Managers,Risk Committee Member,Risk Analysts,Risk Specialists,Risk Advisors,Safety Consultants,Loss Control Specialists,Audit Committee Member.

      1. Students who have successfully completed XII grade with no experience or up to a maximum of 24 months of work experience.

    No background or knowledge of mathematics or finance is required for learning enterprise risk management.

    1. Working professionals who have successfully completed graduation with a minimum of 24 months of full-time work experience in any field/sector (except risk management).

    Affordable Fees Structure
    Programme Fee
    INR 59, 500 (GST inclusive)

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