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Career in IT

The rise of technology has been like no other thing ever witnessed by our generation. It is ever-evolving and ever-rising, creating a vast scope for work, research, and development. Be it any field, from Computer science to biotechnology, Space exploration to Finance, technology, like air, has filled every room and given a boost of life to many facets of these distinct fields. One could not imagine how Elon Musk would ever have been able to dream of Landing on Mars without the aid of technology.

Nor could one imagine how Tesla’s Self-driving Car Model could become a reality without technology. Could you ever think of an AC being delivered to your doorstep in this sweltering summer without having to step out even for a minute? No social media would have been able to become what it is today without the insights and works of tech nerds. Well, we all know how our lives have become one with technology. This is the primary reason there are endless opportunities for individuals who have technology-based future skills learning. If you have excelled in at least one technology-based skill, you gain the power to work in not just one but multiple fields. It’s no wonder why you see many people who work in Tech coming from different areas of industry like advertising, medicine, astronomy, finance, gaming etc. The diversity of experience and rich knowledge of the industries it imparts in one working is unparallel to any other field. Let’s look at how technology-based learning can help you grow in your career.  


6 Reasons why you should Start your preparation now to become an IT Professional 

  1. It Pays Really Well: Did you know that the average annual earnings of people in computer occupations is 44 percent more than in other occupations! It is definitely no myth that individuals skilled in any computer/technology-related subject area at the brighter spectrum of the salary wavelength. Salaries in this field vary depending on the job roles, seniority levels, and location. As you progress in your career, your range of salary keeps increasing according to your work and seniority position in the company hierarchy.

  2. There has never been nor will ever be any shortage of IT Jobs in the market: Professionals who have the right set of tech skills never face the drought of job opportunities in the IT sector. Given the increasing number of opportunities arising from tech-based skill enhancement, people are swiftly advancing into their careers quickly with the help of such opportunities creating more space for newcomers. In June 2021 alone, even during the pandemic, the hiring growth of the IT industry was pegged at a whopping 163% in India. 

  3. No need to be a Pro at maths: Contrary to widespread belief, an IT professional need not be a pro at maths. Instead, it is their creative ad problem-solving side that carries more weightage.

  4. You get to use your creative side. IT professionals need a balanced skill set of both qualitative and quantitative qualities. You may not believe it, but effective communication skills also take them a long way in their career. Besides, having a curious mind and a good work ethic are some of the important features of a successful IT Professional. If you have the dedication and motivation to learn, succeed and strive for improvement, you can learn hardware, cybersecurity, coding, or whatever technical skills are needed for your dream job.

  5. Moving up the ladder is easy and quick with initiative: Moving up the ladder in the IT industry is a sure thing. If you work regularly and take the initiative, the speed of your progress may increase manifold. Many junior developers become senior developers with time. The more time you spend learning and enhancing your skills, the better will be your chances to progress faster. As you grow, you become a valuable asset to the brands in this field.
    They offer such senior professionals handsome remuneration to attract their services. Therefore, the field of progress in IT is never a dry land. If you are currently stuck at your job where you see no scope for progress and growth, it’s high time you learn IT skills that suit your interests and shift to this vibrant sector.

  6. Wholesome Work-Life Balance: This is something that most IT companies boast about. They have a standard work week with plenty of leave for vacations. Some allow very flexible schedules. Others function remotely. In fact, technology companies are famous for the perks they offer to their employees at the workplace like giving them spaces to take a nap during work, gyms, recreation clubs etc.  

Future Skills Courses


The world’s IT sector is growing faster than any other sector. It is only apt to have a quick look at some of the most trending jobs these days in the IT sector.  

  1. DATA SCIENTIST: Data Scientist is one of the highest paying jobs in the IT industry without a pinch of doubt. A data scientist analyzes and interprets complex data and helps the organization make better and timely decisions.
  2. BLOCKCHAIN ENGINEER: Blockchain engineer specializes in developing blockchain architects popularly used in cryptocurrencies etc. The worldwide spending on blockchain solutions is expected to reach 15.9 billion by 2023, meaning there will be plenty of demand for blockchain experts, across industries and geographies.

  3. AIML: Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning programmer works at the AI (Artificial Intelligence) initiatives of the firms. They need to have a clear understanding of tools and technologies related to AI. They earn over 110000 dollars annually.

  4. PRODUCT MANAGER: A product manager helps to determine parameters around the product and engineering team builds, then leads the development of that product from conception to launch.

  5. FULL STACK DEVELOPER: Today, around 25 million developers globally are full-stack developers. Thus, making it one of the most employable skills. A full-stack developer is well versed in both front-end and back-end development of products.
  6. RPA (ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION): RPA Programmers are one of the most in-demand professionals in the IT industry. Since almost every service or product that you interact with has gone under some level of automation, there is no doubt that RPA professionals are paid well and are very much in demand in every industry. From Supply chain management to retail and medicine, they have a very high scope of employability across diverse sectors. 



If you want to give yourself a good work-life balance with heavy and big take-home pay, then the IT Industry is the way. With consistency and regular up-gradation of skills, you can reach the top senior-most levels of major IT companies if you start today. People from every age group switch to IT and never look back. After all, it’s all worth it. You can check out ImaginXP’s website, where there are some interesting courses related to IT skills that can help you begin your journey.   

ImaginXP is leading the HigherEd revolution offering some of the best future skills certification courses and full time degree programs in Business, design and Technology. We are pioneering the higher educational space with top-notch faculties and industry-led curriculum.

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