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Guide for Website Wireframe Examples


Creating a website is never an easy task. It takes a lot of work and patience and can get messy at times. However, having a rough sketch for the website makes the job much more comfortable. At the same time, there are many companies who often ask their developers to skip the wireframing process and move on to making the website directly.

While this can be a super quick fix when you want to get the job done anyhow, even that won’t be without being too messy and not managing your work while you are doing it. This is why designers often tell the young designers to focus on creating the website wireframe examples before they head on to making the actual website.

What Is Wireframe Design?

Wireframe design is the simple black and white layouts of how the website would look like. It includes a rough size, placement of page elements and size features of everything that is going to be on the website page.

Website wireframe examples are only a rough sketch for the designers to look back at and organize their thoughts while planning to create a website. They don’t have colours, font choices, logos and any other UI components that can shift the focus from the website’s structure.

Website wireframe examples are just like the blueprints for a house. Those blueprints don’t show anything but the house’s basic structure. While we are talking about website wireframe examples, you must know another term is the website mockup examples.

What Are Website Mockup Examples?

After the website wireframe examples, the next step is the website mockup examples. It is more the in-depth version of the wireframe design. It is a static wireframe that is more detailed, styled, and showcases the clients’ visual user interface details.

Website mockup examples include a realistic model of what the website will exactly look like. It helps the developers and clients better understand the website. Website mockup examples include details like:

  • Colours
  • Styles
  • Text
  • Navigation graphics
  • Spacing between the components of the website

Mockups are important for the better understanding and communication of what the website will look like once it’s done. It gives the stakeholders and the clients a chance to check the design before its made and suggest changes at an early stage. You can easily make a website mockup in Illustrator, Mockup Plus, Figma and many more.

Why Are Website Wireframe Examples Important?

As we have mentioned earlier, a few companies or the developers might skip website wireframe examples. However, it is too important to be missed out on. Here are a few reasons for the same:

Visual Outline

While creating a website, a simple sitemap can be too abstract. A flowchart will not help you organize your designs, even with a basic structure. For that, you need website wireframe examples to help the flowchart reflect into something more real and tangible.

Wireframe design will help you focus on the goals and information flow for your website. It will help you focus on the primary pages, subpages and how the users will go through them.

Clarification for Website Features

When you are talking to your clients about the website, chances are, they won’t know a lot of terms that you might use. They wouldn’t know what you mean by terms like lightboxes, google map integration and so on.

Having website wireframe examples by your side will help you clearly communicate the features on the website better to your clients. Also, seeing the features without any creative influence will allow the client to focus on other important aspects of the website and clarify their expectations from the same.

Focuses On Usability

While you creating website wireframe examples, you will be forced to look at the website objectively. It won’t be about the aesthetics of the website but more about the user’s browsing experience while they are on the website. You will be able to focus on the usage of certain buttons and how the overall experience will look like. Finding and rectifying all such issues at an early stage is always better and saves time.

Easy Update

Since website wireframe examples are only rough sketches, it makes it easier for you to make changes early on. It makes sure that everyone is on the same page.

It Works

Building a website is a tedious process and requires a lot of planning. Creating website wireframe examples will help ensure that you always have a plan to focus on. This is a step in the process that you will come back to a lot of times. So it better not be skipped.

Types of Website Wireframe Examples

Before getting into the practical designs for website wireframe examples, we need to understand the difference between the Low-Fidelity and High-Fidelity wireframe design.

Fidelity means the level of details shows in a design. When you design website wireframe examples or website mockup examples, the number of details you choose to show is what we call fidelity.

Low-Fidelity Wireframe Design

Low-fidelity wireframe design is a simple and basic outline of the website on paper. You can also use some free wireframe tools for the same. It helps in the brainstorming process and maps out the main functions and workflows any website would need.

Low-fidelity wireframe design is easy and quick to make hence they are easier to work on and make changes as the team brainstorms together. They are made in the early stages so everyone gets a chance to integrate their idea to build the website.

Benefits of Low-fidelity Wireframe Design:

  • They are super cheap to make. All you need is a pen or paper or free wireframe tools like Mockplus, Balsamiq Wireframes, Wireframe.CC, Figma, etc.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of time to build a low-fidelity wireframe.
  • It is a collaborative process. It doesn’t require a unique design and coding skills to consult with your team and stakeholders, even those who don’t have any technical background.

High-Fidelity Wireframe Design

High-Fidelity wireframe design is a step further than a low-fidelity wireframe design. It includes more details and simple interactions within the website. They are usually clickable and focus on the demo and application flows like log-in and other basic navigations.

These are usually used after you have made low fidelity website wireframe examples. It includes colour, style, typography, basic interactions and much more.

Benefits of High-Fidelity Wireframe Design:

  • Better insights into the project at hand
  • Better visuals and easy navigation
  • More clickable and solid than low-fidelity website wireframe examples

Best Free Wireframe Tools

Now that we know why creating website wireframe examples is super important, it is time to make them. You can easily make website wireframe examples on a sheet of paper but if you want to go digital, there are certain free wireframe tools available that do a great job in assisting with the wireframe design.


Mockplus is a fast and effective tool to help you in creating the website wireframe examples. It creates a wireframe design for both mobile apps and websites. The basic version of this software is free. However, it is not good for high-fidelity website wireframe examples.

Balsamiq Wireframes

It is a perfect tool for quick designing of website wireframe examples and running the users test on the design. It also allows you to share your designs with your team in the same software.


It is one of the simple and minimalistic free wireframe tools. It is perfect for the low-fidelity designs but not for the high-fidelity designs.

Pencil Project

It is an absolutely free software for creating wireframes. It is perfect for mockup creating and prototyping for both designers and big businesses. However, the collaboration feature in this is limited. And users have also noted that the shapes available are not in a huge variety. They often find themselves researching for new images online.

Best Website Wireframe Examples for Inspiration

Below are some of thew best website wireframe examples that you can inspire your website wireframe examples. These will help you in understanding what the wireframes look like for different kinds of websites.

Real Estate Website Wireframe

Website wireframe examples of real estates involve the best usage of pictures. The user would want to look at the types of properties, houses or apartments they want to live in before they book an appointment with the realtor. Some websites even include statistical data like market trends.

Beauty and Fashion Website Wireframe

When you are creating website wireframe examples of beauty and fashion websites, you must remember your target audience. The users would want a lot of glamour, glossy magazine covers, the perfect pictures and the right amount of aesthetics.

E-commerce Website Wireframe

Creating website wireframe examples for e-commerce websites come with a lot of expectations not only from the clients but also from the users as well. With the fast-changing trends and the need for something unique, users want to know everything that a site has to offer in one glance.

The website wireframe examples for the e-commerce websites have to be classic so the users don’t get too confused between the icons. Yet offer better visuals and spacing for their easy use in both mobile phones and in a desktop.


In the end, creating website wireframe examples is a crucial step in the website design journey. You cannot afford to skip it as you will always need a basic structure to hold your entire website on.

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