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Gamification: New Age Learning


What is Gamification

“Gamification is one of the Persuasion Technique in which we tend to Boost the Motivation & Engagement of any Process.”


Gamification might be different for different people but the basic of it is always assumed to fun. No matter which part of the world you are reading this from the Word Gamification brings you back to the nostalgia lane of Childhood, Game is an environment in which everything real turns to be fictional; with or without a physical elements around, it all depends on the freedom of imagination which even a toddler can believe and experience a binary result which can be dumbed down to Winning & Learning.

Types of Gamers

Gamification does not mean everyone will engage automatically. We need to understand the person

  • Reward Oriented
  • Social Oriented
  • Fun Oriented

Reward Oriented

People who enjoy Prizes such as Discounts, free Certificates etc. Best Rewards can be daily points and material rewards and so on.

Social Oriented

Socializers prefer benefits more than material. They like to be recognized & respected by others.

Fun Oriented

Such people are finding enjoyment in the process. To engaged them they use interaction advertisement, digital stimulating the real world, sudoku & crosswords.


Gamification in Education

Remember the game of childhood game inspired from the stories of Alladin & Genie; “Make 3 Wishes “

A game in which we pretended to make 3 wishes and we just need to rub a lamp and enchant a spell and make our wishes; one at a time. It was a game in which we don’t win or lose we just learn to think about the respirations of every wish we make.

One of the key factors missing in Education Systems these days is Exploring Possibilities. Taking chances, risking possibilities just to learn something new, it’s not about completing a task it’s about possibilities.

Gamification has been texted and its definitely seems a positive result. There are variety of ways in which gamification can be introduced to the Education Segment. Gamification can we implemented in different ways to classroom learning by

  • Implementing Class wide Reward System.
  • Gamify Homework to Encourage informal learning.
  • Customize Classroom Management System built on Roleplaying Theme.
  • Creating Playful barriers.
  • Creating Competition within the classroom.
  • Range of unique reward for range of unique students.
  • Using Levels, Check Points & other levels of progression.

Gamification in Education

What is the value that Gamification Provides for Learners and Businesses?

Gamification for Learning.

What better way can it be to learn something new with the help of gamification. A Candidate can Evaluate himself based on the scoring or points which depicts the progress of your work. Everyone person can tune their learning pace and intensity based on their interest and engagement.

Gamification is considered to be fun but never portraited on performance and learning parameters. If considered a hustle free and promising methodology gamification is a definite choice for Fun Learning Experience as a Success of any idea is determined by the efficiency of it.

Some parameters on which the learning can be persuaded for better efficiency.

  • Challenges & Levels
  • Score, Badges & Leaderboard
  • Competition & Collaborations

Gamification for Business.

Understanding a Business point of view on Gamification is Simple, but it strictly depends on the value of the Business & Business Owners.

Every Business investment is primarily based on the ROI or the Value to the Brand. Not just Capital but the brands even value the people they work. In Such situations the Business are soulfully dependent on the people that build their brand as the standards and regulation that binds the customer and businesses. Business Train and Recruit People and Gamification Learning is an efficient way to judge a person’s improvement, monitor the target & achievements as well as study the behavioral science of a person’s conscious and subconscious efforts to deliver in a healthy and comparative way along with maintaining standardized, easy to monitor.


Conducting a training that’s improving the efficiency of the workforce by making it fun and entertaining; whereas monitoring the efficiency and progress the team are the perks of implementing of Gamification Provides in Business and Learning.

Gamification in UX Design

Gamification is one of the best ways to engage someone into learning something new with a mindset to go easy on winning and exploring. It’s so easy that whenever we were taught something as a kid it naturally started with “Let’s play a Game”.

The term let’s play a game is like clearing your grounds for everyone and then introducing a structure bringing in new possibilities of learning. Games are always fun as it’s a human tendency that we have a mental model in which we consider games unreal part of our day to day life. A mental model in which we don’t fear of losing as its one of the formats of the game but as humans we are trained to give our 100% towards winning.


Personalized and Challenging experiences in learning and micro learning such as Easy, Medium, Hard or Beginner, Armature, Professional & Legendary. Depending on the user’s engagement and pushing them to improve step by step as per their continence, at the same time motivating them to perform better to reach next level.

Gamification Solution is upgrades from the success of current approach in design. With the introduction of Points, Badges, Leaderboards enhances the Engagement and Challenging the users. Implementing the use emerging technologies with the integration of gamification like VR & MR can multiply the impact of such human behavioral response so that Gamification can enhance the User experience by improving the entire mental model of the users.

Example of Gamification in Everyday Life

Gamification is a part of our everyday life. Sometimes we could realize it and many a times it was done so well that we were engaged in enjoying that journey. One of the marvelous examples of gamification are as follows.

What Is Gamification Interaction Design?

Gamification Interaction Design ensures that the user keeps coming back to your design. It increases user engagement with your website or your app. The idea is to make sure that your website communicates more to the users than your customer care services. As a designer, gamifying the content on your website will establish a reward system and will make the outlook interesting. However, it is equally important to keep upgrading your content so your users don’t get bored with the same design over and over.

Why Is UX Gamification Important?

UX Gamification is a new technique but has proven to be very effective in keeping the audience engaged. It is important for the designer to use the right gamification tools and the well chosen mechanics to ensure that it increases user-interaction within the website. Out of the many reasons why UX Gamificaiton is important, the most important is that it brings a fun element to the website or the mobile application. People enjoy new experiences and the more interactive and different your website is, the more likely it is to engage people. The curiosity and the excitement drives people to check your website often.

Starbucks Reward Points

Starbucks Reward Points

Starbucks is a well know American lifestyle identity for coffee culture. It’s one well recognized brand and logo across globe. Starbucks is structured to a co working space attracting a youth target that could peacefully work while sipping their coffee with a healthy and exclusive snack bar option catering a pocket size portion that can be enjoyed on the go. It later became a popular hangout spot for meetings and date as it was a friendly option with a young and elite vibe to it.

turn visit into reward

To Maintain customer loyalty points Starbucks offers rewards points to customers on their billing amount in a certain points format. Accelerating points will be benefitted with something every time a person reaches a new card color with Gold as the Apex of it. Achievement in exchange with the amount spent adds a sense of belonging to the customers. Just to make things more exclusive Starbucks also uses deadlines, to stay gold user have to collect a minimum 300 points within a span of 365 days, this gives a sense of urgency on one hand. You can’t just forget Starbucks or your coffee habit or caffeine requirements with the help of dopamine and finest coffee experience at Starbucks.

starbucks in gamification

Gamification Example in Sales

Rolls Royce Sales eLearning Solution

gamificatin example in sales

The brand created a digital platform so that all the members global sales dealership platforms so that the dealers are aware of the details of each and every aspect of their new designs. The Platform matches the brand identity. Best Part is the sales executive gets an option to choose beginner or expert. The Management can also observer the employee’s response. The process is guided by Timer and Customer Experience meters which the learner could easily relate to. This system has performed for 65% ROI for trainer’s efficiency. Reduced call time by 15% & improved sales by around 10%.

Gamification is a versatile process which can be easily incorporated into systems for efficiency. It’s not just an idea it’s a human nature which is still been explored in various direstions.

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