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What is the future of Metaverse, or is Metaverse the future itself?

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You must have heard about Facebook rebranding itself to “Meta.” It is clear from their actions that the social media giant is planning to revamp itself and start a revolution, as it did ten years ago, in how we interact socially on the internet. Let’s find out the true meaning of metaverse. 

So, what exactly is the Meaning of Metaverse?  

Just like in pop culture, the idea of multiple parallel universes has been trending lately. In a similar fashion, the concept and meaning of the Metaverse has been around for a long time, albeit in different terminologies and names.  

The idea of a separate digital reality, similar but different from the real world, has been around for decades (remember the Matrix trilogy?). Be it Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or even Digital Reality: The Metaverse is just the latest, all-encompassing name for all of these technologies, with their scopes going above and beyond our current levels of technology.  

In a nutshell, the meaning of Metaverse is simply a digital, computer-generated universe in which you can interact with your surroundings, as well as buy, sell and earn commodities and services digitally. Now that we know the Meaning of Metaverse, let’s look at its true scope: 

The Scope of the Metaverse  

Here are a few bits of recent news that you should know, which will make you realize how serious the big tech giants are, on making the digital, a reality:  

  • Facebook is launching its “Facebook Metaverse,” subsequently rebranding itself to the name “Meta.”  
  • Microsoft acquired “Activision Blizzard Studios,” a leading game developer creator of games such as “World of Warcraft,” to further its research and development on metaverse-related projects.  
  • Apple has been quietly working on a class of products for VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) use.  
  • Google has been developing the ecosystem, along with Nvidia, Intel, and others, on handling and developing a full digitalized ecosystem.  
  • Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry have been creating digital clothing items for the purpose of using them in the Metaverse.  

Apart from such big names, there are games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and others, which have expanded into a whole new genre of unique digital personas for their players, giving them a sense of uniqueness among the crowd.  

Metaverse in the field of Blockchain/Cryptocurrency  


With Facebook leading the path on the Facebook Metaverse, the crypto market saw a very unprecedented rise in the prices of cryptocurrencies related to the Metaverse. They are sometimes also called “Metaverse Crypto.” Here are some major coins and technologies leading in the world of Metaverse and cryptocurrency:  

  • The Sandbox (SAND): A game based on blockchain.  
  • Decentraland (MANA): A decentralized, used-powered, blockchain-based digital world. 
  • Enjin (ENJ): It is building a product ecosystem that will help humanity create advanced virtual economies through the power of blockchain technology. 

These Metaverse crypto coins saw a spike of a 1000% or more after the new Facebook’s Metaverse identity reveal, and they remain popular and promising investments in the volatile but rewarding market.  

Is Metaverse the Future?  

A metaverse’s actual idea is to improve human contact. As we progress more technologically as a species than at any other moment in recent memory, it is necessary for us to pay attention to what our identity is related to the world and others around us. Meta perfectly embodies this concept. Consider an instructional metaverse in which you attend lessons from home while seeing and interacting with your instructor as if you were physically present with them. Consider attending a gathering from the comfort of your sofa, where you don’t dress up, but your symbol does, and you’re seated at a virtual table among people whose responses and nonverbal communication you can assess similarly to how you would in person.  

These thoughts will most likely be transported to the real world in the near future by a metaverse. If you’re wondering what more metaverses have to offer that would be valuable, the answer is a lot. With the rise of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), the Metaverse now offers a new sort of brand promotion. Because it allows for the exchange of lands, the purchase of assets, and the display of the organization’s image through banners or logos, it may prove to be an effective method for both igniting and restoring client interest.  

A good metaverse example can be: They can assist businesses in a variety of ways. Sorting out events, generating hybrids among properties, and speaking with the client’s local region is made simpler than ever before in an essentially limitless world, allowing businesses to draw in with their clients in ways they couldn’t previously. With AR and VR as sophisticated as they are right now and a plethora of financing that these tech behemoths now have, there are basically no innovative cutoff points to this idea. In any event, specialized limits and possible inadequacies are not immune to the Metaverse.  

The Future of the Metaverse  

There are other aspects of the Metaverse worth examining, but here are a few predictions about how it will affect the way we work and drive a societal evolution toward a more welcoming society. Will the metaverse live up to its meaning?  

  • We will start expressing ourselves in innovative and creative ways.  

As people learn how to modify the virtual world around them using tools designed for creators by creators, we will begin to witness extreme self-expression in these contexts. If you don’t have time to construct your own world, you can explore the worlds of others and possibly adopt their works as your own. Every person will have an avatar, which is a character that represents them in the Metaverse.  

  • Work will feel like a game.  

Consider a day at the office in which you teleport to Beijing to meet with your lead engineer, to the Bahamas to meet with your boss, and to an imagined Fairy Tale realm to meet with a vendor partner. The capacity to travel between vastly different real and imagined worlds for meetings will give a creative twist to our day.  

  • The Ability to travel while being still  

We’ll be able to see locations we’ve never seen before while fully engaged in the surroundings. We will not be looking solely at the location of the meeting. Instead, we shall live and experience it as if we were genuinely present. The pure creative power that will be available will aid in our collective expansion.  

  • A Total Upheaval in how we currently buy, sell and experience things  

With Big Brands already launching their digital products on online platforms, it is viable to assume that soon, instead of browsing for products on a 2-D screen, we shall be able to experience the products, services, and commodities in a much more personal way, which will change the way we shop, forever.  

  • A change in learning, entertainment, and Sports  

With Virtual classrooms, movie theatres, and stadiums, how we currently experience these events will undergo a change with the development of the Metaverse.  

To Conclude  

When the benefits and drawbacks are considered, it is reasonable to expect metaverses to have a long-term impact on, and even shape, the future. Only time will tell whether the Metaverse will have a strong and meaningful impact on our digital future, but given the ten years of preparation, it seems reasonable to assume that it is here to stay. 

Blockchain is one of the key technologies that will shape the future of the Metaverse. Therefore, it is advisable to be the early bird and start learning about the revolutionary blockchain technology today! 

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