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Education Goes Online In The Post-COVID Era

education goes online in post covid

While countries around the globe are facing a health crisis, the education of millions of students suffered as well. As per the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organisation (UNESCO) approximately 1.9 million children’s education has suffered because of the pandemic. One of the significant challenges faced was the lack of resources and teacher training. However, UNESCO celebrated World Teacher’s Day with the theme of appreciating the efforts of Teachers in making a sudden change in the education field. This movement from traditional classrooms to online classrooms is considered to be the most significant movement on the internet in the education field in history.

Apart from the time and efforts of the teachers and the students, the reason this shift is made possible is because of the accessibility to Websites/Mobile Applications. The way apps like Zoom are built offer convenience, easy understandability and user-friendly experiences. Both teachers and students have been able to use the apps at their ease are because of the friendly design that ensured that time is not wasted or consumed in understanding the content. This could happen because of UX\UI Designer. We at Imaginxp offer the same kind of expertise to the students who enrol with us. Our courses and our curriculum is structured in such a way that students are ready for the job market as they progress. While we also followed the same method of teaching, with the changing times, we have changed too.

How Did The Education Sector Respond To COVID-19 Pandemic?

As the panic rose and the countries shut down themselves, the concerns over new forms of education became prominent. No one expected the pandemic to be this extent that it would hamper the studies of millions. Teachers and students showed their concerns regarding continuing the classes amidst the health crisis. At a time when thousands were dying, and social distancing was the only prevention, shifting education to digital modes seemed to be the viable solution. Many platforms started to offer services as the new medium of education, “online education”. Companies like BYJU’s and Zoom offered free services or at low rates to the masses to be able to conduct classrooms online. This also led to the largest online movement in the history of education.

At first, many believed that moving education online would be a big failure as neither the students nor the teachers had enough training or the expertise to do it. Many assumed that the experience would be inadequate as nobody was prepared to do the same. At the same time, there were many who did not have access to smartphones or laptop or even the internet, especially in the developing or the third world countries.

On the contrary, the complete opposite of what was expected happened. Online Learning and Education turned out to be a vital component in the Education Sector. Studies show that students have been able to retain more via online classes than traditional methods because interactive tools are being used more in online classes as compared to classrooms.

While online education has its challenges, it has been able to save people amidst the pandemic as well. It has significantly changed the way teachers teach and the way students learn. It has helped students interact much more efficiently with features like voting, screen sharing and many more.

Challenges Of Online Education

While there are many advantages of Online Learning, but it is not free from disadvantages as well. Apart from the technical glitches and lack of training, some felt that it increased children’s screen times. Along with the fact that many people from a disadvantaged background faced difficulties in being able to arrange the resources.

Is Online Learning Effective?

Despite all the challenges of Online Education, it has proven to be successful. Studies suggest that online learning has been more effective than tradition learning. Researches show that students can learn and understand 25-60% more than the classroom learning.

Online Education has given students the young ones who tend to get easily distracted a different platform altogether to learn. Since most of the classes look for effective videos and study materials to teach, students are able to learn at their own pace.

How Did It Happen?

With all the online learning success, the one question that remains is “How did it all happen?”. Well, the health crisis was one primary reason, but another was also the people’s experiences. Institutes and individuals chose the platforms that were easy and convenient to use and offered more interactive features. This is where we talk about UX/UI Design. It allows users to have a comfortable and pleasant experience while they interact with the platform. The easier it is for the user to approach the platform or the website, the more attracted the users will be.

We at Imaginxp have been able to offer our students the same platform where they can learn about design, user-experience and user behaviour. We ensure that the students who enrol with us are thorough with the interactions of people of non-technical background with the digital world. Apart from under-graduate and post-graduate courses, we also offer certificate courses. The placements via our course include companies like EY, PwC, UX Reactor and more.

ImaginXP is leading the HigherEd revolution offering some of the best future skills certification courses and full time degree programs in Business, design and Technology. We are pioneering the higher educational space with top-notch faculties and industry-led curriculum.

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