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Embrace the new age of Journalism!

The Digital Journalism certification course at ImaginXP ensures that you reach out to a world well equipped with digital tools & a thorough understanding of journalism in this new era of the digitized ecosystem. Hence, make a difference with your work and receive the best salary package in the industry!

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All you need to know about Digital Journalism:

Digital journalism means the dissemination of information via the internet.

What You Will Learn
  1. Scriptwriting & Editing: This happens to be the first and foremost module that lays the foundation for any digital outcome. Both writing and editing go hand-to-hand when it comes to delivering a quality output.
  2. Research & Authenticity:Without Research, there is no learning. And without learning, there is no writing. Until and unless you are knowledgeable about the concept, you can’t master any writing.
  3. News Writing & Publishing:News articles are all about conveying facts that are true to their standards and publishing them the right way. There is no room for your predictions and stories! So, learning the real structure of News writing plays a vital role in Journalism.
  4. New Age Tools:-In this new age phenomenon, preparing your subject in a digitalized way is very significant. Henceforth, grasp your knowledge in future-skilled tools to groom you into a noteworthy journalist.

It acts as an impetus to make the world actually a small place but widely informed irrespective of where one resides or belongs to.

It has become almost essential to digitize the journalism sector, to empower it even better. And to take a step in this direction, we leave no stone unturned to make this pursuit reach its final destination.

Skills You Will Gain

Master at Research

It is one of the most important steps to prepare a final draft of any news or article.

So a thorough and disinterested research is must to provide the best to your audience or readers.

Learn the Exclusive Writing Approach

Journalism has a rule of thumb i.e. Proficiency.

You must specialize a field in which you claim to be the best be it Story Writing, Editing, Script Writing or Interviewing.

Understanding of Information classification:

Today’s world doesn’t lack information, in fact it’s an Ocean of overflowing information. Hence a good Classification is the best way to keep this Ocean of information organized.

Management of Dissemination of Information:

An efficient management is always a key to a reader’s gratification. Broadcasting the information in an effective way builds a renowned name in any industry.

Content Management

Journalism shelters a wide variety of information but all can go in vain if the Content is not Managed and Jotted down efficiently.

Why Should You Learn With Us

ImaginXP’s Digital Journalism Course not only enables you to understand the fundamentals of journalism but also explores its evolution and role in the new age of digitization. We organize live sessions, Experts’ guidance, Interactive sessions with the luminaries of the same field, and Internships & Workshops to make yourself resourceful enough to provide you with enormous growth opportunities.

  1. Learn under well trained Faculty.

  2. Affordable Course.

  3. Detailed learning in Program.

  4. Industry based Curriculum.

  5. Partnership with 20+ renowned Universities.

  6. Performance based Evaluation.

  7. Live Sessions with Industry Mentors.

  8. Workshops.


Placed at Centaur Hosting


ImaginXP has always managed to stand beyond expectations. Their faculty is well learned and experienced to quench my curiosity. I was completely new to the field of journalism but I learned with great ease under excellent mentorship and guidance.


Placed at Sthenic Technologies Pvt. Ltd


ImaginXP made me explore all aspects of journalism and acted as a milestone in giving a direction to my career in the field of journalism with an industry-based curriculum, experts’ guidance, and a cooperative faculty.


Placed at Outshine Solutions Pvt. Ltd


I’m grateful and glad to be a part of the student fraternity of ImaginXP. They do their best to enhance and enrich the knowledge of their students. I got a crystal clear understanding of Writing, Interviewing, and Management of content with the help of their Live Sessions and Practical Classes.


Placed at LAKKI LLC


At the beginning of the course, I was too apprehensive and skeptical about Online Classes but once I attended them for a week, I found myself comforatble as the faculty was really Cooperative and Considerate. With Constant Support & Mentorship, I became a Confident Curator in the field of Digital Journalism.


Placed at Cuelinks Technology Pvt. Ltd


ImaginXP enabled my understanding of the fundamentals of journalism and its evolution. Their organized Workshops played a Vital role in Shaping my concepts of Content Writing & Management. I’m grateful to the ImaginXP facilities!


Placed at Lentra


ImaginXP made me realize my Worth with the right Mentorship and Guidance.I must mention that their faculty is really Cooperative. Their live sessions proved extremely helpful in building my foundation Strong.

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Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews.
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