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Defence Career Accelerated Transition (DCAT) Program

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    Respected- Defense Personnel/Officers

    Team ImaginXP an immense pleasure & honor to do our bit for all the brave retired / retiring Defence personals/officers to assist them through their way into Corporate Workforce with the pride they deserve.

    With our Defence Career Accelerated Transition (DCAT) Program.

    1. Earn Alumni Status from the relevant Universities

    2. Flexible Online/Offline Sessions

    3. 100% Placement Assistance

    The Corporate World Admires You!

    Defence personnel/officers are granted as highly valued employees in the corporate workforce. Your broad outlook, ability to work in stressed conditions, commitment, & the utmost discipline are a few of many qualities that make you the first choice in the Corporate Ecosystem, and they welcome you with open hands! There is a reason why we have so many defence personnel’s in India’s corporate workforce at leading positions -today.

    Though, The Business Landscape Has Changed!

    It is important to understand that - Digital Revolution has drastically changed our traditional ways of doing business. We are transiting into Industry 4.0, and advanced technologies such as – IOT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality) & more are becoming the significant tools of this New Age of Business. Further, the Covid-19 has fuelled this transition.

    For example:

    Distribution is no longer about scaling to the most rural nooks of the country with partners but has transformed to capture the mindset of the Kirana (Grocery) store owner through digital apps.

    The security business is no longer about providing general security but has transformed to prevent cyber-attacks & using AI to predict the next incident.

    & even the customer demands have changed!

    Hence, now the corporate world needs a workforce in various roles that leads them to succeed through this Digital Transformation.

    Defence Career Accelerated Transition (DCAT) Program is an initiative of Prof (Col) Shishir Kumar who became a startup entrepreneur at the age of 65 and founded ImaginXP- a Higher-ED Organization for future-skills degrees in India to make India Future-Ready.

    The DCAT program is a one-stop platform for retired/retired defense personnel/officers to join various cutting-edge Certification Courses - ImaginXP is running in collaboration with India’s top universities, like- BIMTECH, IMT, MIT, IITs, and many more in tier-1 universities and colleges in India.

    To prepare new age and future-ready professionals out of you who will continue to be the first choice among the corporate world in this changing business ecosystem.

    Explore our Certification Courses under DCAT Program (Duration 6 to 12 Months):

    Strategic Management in Digitalized Economy
    Disruptive Entrepreneurship
    Executive MBA Certification Program
    Supply Chain Management In Digitalized Economy
    & more courses that are coming soon!

    Why participate in the DCAT program:

    1. For the best certification from university partners
    2. Get an assistance from a corporate mentor and a buddy to transverse the difficult journey from a defence life into a civil life
    3. Get access to DCAT officers with leading roles in Digital Companies, Funded startups, & More
    4. Enables you to turn into a startup founder- if you have the idea, we’ll lead you through the end-to-end journey of a proven model to make it a success.
    5. Get access to a DCAT corporate network & alumni status from participating universities that will work as a support pod for you through your corporate life.

    DCAT Financing Scheme:

    Along with the certification program
    financing, we also provide - A Study Now, Pay Later option for DCAT
    aspirants looking for financial assistance for their career transition.

    On that note, we invite all the brave spirits of the country who want to make a career in the corporate world; To Apply for the course that suits you best!

    Why ImaginXp?

    ImaginXP is India’s leading Higher-ED organization providing result-oriented Future-Skills Degree Courses.

    1. An ecosystem of 30+ best universities across the country
    2. Future skills learning stack with the Industry-Led Curriculum & Proven Case-studies
    3. Renowned Corporates As Faculties

    At the last Our Genuine Advice About Career Transition:

    1. Career transition needs at least 6 months to a year of investment. In learning, re-learning, practicing, understanding, and creating a corporate network. Be ready to invest this 1 year.
    2. Certification, courses, and corporate network requires you to dedicate time to attending classes, solving case studies, creating a portfolio and lived through senior management decision-making case studies.
    3. Resources are scarce; the skillset is difficult to get for companies. So the opportunity is immense for you.
    4. It does not matter if you come from the engineering corps or fighting corps. All jobs apply to you. You have managed much more than what the others have done in civilian life.
    5. You have to visualize what kind of industry that you want to choose. IT, Startup, Product Companies, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Banking all are open to you. All specializations like Marketing, Sales, Tech, HR… are open to you.

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