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Certification Program In Crypto Trading

Groom into a Professional Crypto Trader with IBI

Learn the knacks and nuances of Crypto Trading with this 12-hours certification program by grabbing the right insights on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Trading. Efficiently practice Crypto to trade in the current business economy.

  1. 12 Hrs

    Certification Course

  2. 6

    Total Sessions

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    Total Modules

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    Program Objective
    Explore the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem with a better Ideology

    ImaginXP in collaboration with Indian Blockchain Institute (IBI) is proudly presenting this premier certification program in Crypto Trading. Both the institutions have renowned reputations in offering multiple courses in the domains of futuristic skills, arts and science. This significant program in crypto trading delivers seamless training to the students on Blockchain technology in terms of providing both theoretical and practical exposure.

    What You Will Learn
    1. Learn


      Learn the high-in-demand crypto market with potential insights on Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency.

    2. Create


      Create the best portfolio as a Certified Cryptocurrency Trader and establish yourself as a capable employer in the highly enhancing digitalized environment.

    3. Initiate


      Initiate an innovative approach to invest in the upcoming assets in the crypto ecosystem.

    Crypto Trading is a short-term course that would aid you to deal effectively with Cryptocurrency Market. In addition to becoming a Blockchain certified professional, the students gain a firm understanding of blockchain technology and generate a high ROI on the time and effort they spend. Learn all that is Blockchain – the introduction, history, definition, transaction, attributes and the transaction flow. Even grab knowledge on cryptography and how it benefits the crypto market.

    You get to learn things right from blockchain evolution to investment in the cryptocurrency market, the right way. Also, learn the concept of Blockchain Adoption, Future Potential, Trends and Case studies.

    If you’re looking to professionalize your stand in the crypto market and utilize it in the right way, then this course is perfect for you. Gear up! It’s time to collaborate with an industry that is creating a revolution in digital transformation.


    Who must attend this Program

    1. Any entrepreneur who is looking for Business Development Opportunities

    2. Investment Bankers, Investment Consultants & Advisors

    3. Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

    4. Research Analysts, Software Professionals, Architects

    5. Any entrepreneur who needs to enhance their knowledge in crypto trading for a part-time career.

    6. Entrepreneurs at any stage of enterprise evolution: from early to middle and scaled-up stages

    7. -Professionals who need a transition or break from their regular career

    8. Any Beginner who wants to start fresh in a futuristic industry

    9. Professionals who need to upskill themselves in Blockchain Technology

    “Industries that benefit from Blockchain technology include:”

    1. Financial Services / Banking / Insurance
    2. Government Sector
    3. Healthcare Industry
    4. Energy
    5. Transportation and Logistics
    6. Automotive Sectors
    7. Software / IT Sectors
    8. Media and Entertainment
    9. Retail and Consumer goods
    10. Telecommunications
    Affordable Fees Structure
    Programme Fee
    INR 12,000 + GST

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