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Everything you need to know about a career in Python 2021

feature image Everything-you-need-to-know-about-a-career-in-Python -2021

In this digital world, where everything is changing rapidly and the world running on software, the demand for skilled programming professionals has reached the sky. And with this, Python is becoming the most popular programming language day by day. It is the programming language used by many global giants. As good as 40+ global giants like Dropbox, Spotify, Google, Quora, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, etc., use Python as their primary language.


The reason for Python’s high demand is easy to learn and adapt feature. Python is a high-level programming language with simple syntax, faster readability and accessible compilation features; it has plenty of libraries that support manipulation, visualisation and supports data analysis. Python delivers better designs even in a shorter written code and one of the best tools for creating dynamic scripts on large and small scales.


With all this development, time is reduced to half. Python has so many advantages that it has become everyone’s talking topic and is considered the most preferred programming language by professionals. A career in Python is already a Big Thing in the technology world.

If you gain accurate skills in Python, you will have ample opportunities. Here we will take you through your platter’s career opportunities once you take the certified course and acquire the required skills. So let’s see how you can start and build your career in Python.

Python career opportunities

How to start a career in Python

There is no compulsion that a person should hold a degree in computer science, engineering, data analysis or data science to build a Python career. Any interested individual can learn Python, but a person from a computer science or engineering background will be more helpful.

Python is one such programming language that offers promising career not only in India but across the globe.

Let’s discuss Python career opportunities

Python is a multi-purpose use language: can be used for testing, development, upgrades, scriptwriting, etc. With ample API and libraries to support, Python supports many other things apart from development like data analysis, data visualisation and data manipulation. Python is also preferred and popular amongst other fields like data science as Python is one of the best programming languages for easy adaptability. This makes Python a popular programming framework for data science.

There are several options to learn Python and get certified; opportunities are available both online and offline.

You must be thinking if what all job profiles and scope Python offers, what is a python career path, are there python jobs for freshers, or consider how much Python do I need to know to get a job. Here is the answer to all your doubts and questions.

As we have seen above, most global giants use Python as their primary or secondary programming language. The demand for Python skilled professional is increasing day by day. Company’s do hire freshers with recognised certification in Python.

Python professionals common career path:

There is no such specific python career path, but there are ample python career opportunities; hence anyone who wishes to learn Python and gets certified into Python is eligible to apply and work for profiles that require python skills.

We have tried to show a typical scenario and a career path, but this need not be the only way or fix path to get started and build your career in Python.

  1. When you have a degree in Science – Engineering
  • Degree in software engineering with the project using Python and can apply got web developer or software developer.
  • Degree in Physics, you can take a certified online course in Python and complete a project with certification in Machine Learning – Data-science and get a job.
  • Degree in Computer science with further certification in Big Data – Data Analytics allows you to apply for a data scientist.
  1. When you do not have a degree in Science – Engineering
  • Enrol for the course in Python and complete projects. If you want to study further, you can opt for a master’s degree in data science or business analytics.
  • After learning Python, build an independent portfolio and apply for jobs as a developer.

Python job skills:

  • How to use common Python libraries like Requests, NumPy, SciPy, etc.
  • Knowing the syntax, semantics and data structures of Python
  • Familiar with common frameworks like Django, Flask and CherryPy
  • Using and linking applications through ORM like SQLAlchemy or Django ORM
  • Tracking changes made during the entire process and knowing relevant terms and actions

Other relevant skills:

  • Good in communication
  • Team handling and building qualities
  • Result-oriented attitude
  • Perseverance
  • Problem-solving mindset

Python professionals demand:

Years of ExperienceJOB demand in market
0-110-12 %

Python Job Profiles

•          Python Developer

•          Software Engineer

•          Business Analyst

•          Web Developer

•          Data Scientist

•          ML Engineer

Python Developerdesigning applications, writing code, integration with server-side logic
Software Developerwriting code, designing software, installing and testing software
Business AnalystIdentifying how Big Data can be used, interpreting high volumes of data, providing relevant insights for business solutions
Web Developerwriting and testing code, debugging, integrating applications with third-party web services
Data ScientistAnalysing raw data, using data analysis techniques and tools, strategizing
Machine Learning Engineerbuilding and implementing algorithms and data pipelines, Carry out A/B testing, producing data-based products or services, helping with operations


Python professionals Salary

Python Developer5,00,000
Software Developer6,00,000
Web Developer4,00,000
Data Scientist6,50,000
Business Analysis5,90,000
ML Engineer7,50,000

Bonus tips to get started your career in python:

  • The most important thing here is to get a certified course in Python, keeping in mind that it is from recognised institutions.
  • While pursuing a course and learning Python keep a goal of mastering the language. This will help you build a solid foundation and learn advanced topics related to data, analysis, machine learning.
  • Python is used in multiple areas, so choose your niche or area of specialisation. This will help you focus on your career growth and reach a good level in your field.


Python as a programming language is booming the industry, and it will continue to grow in future years. As Python is in high demand, it is generating many jobs and will continue to create jobs in various sectors. You select any niche as a career in Python; it will help you build a promising and exciting career in the coming years. The job profile discussed in this post is just a few of many available in the market. Remember, you can switch to this profile without a degree and still build an impressive career.

This blog has discussed how Python will become the most used programming language across all sectors. We also discussed a career in Python, shared all the required details like python career opportunities, python career path, start a career in Python, python jobs for freshers, salary, different types of roles and job profiles.

Now you need to enrol for the correct certified course in Python to give you a kick start. Select the institution which provides you with the best industry certified course in Python with a competitive syllabus prepared and taught by industry experts.

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