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Why opt for a degree in Gaming and Animation?


Gaming and Animation is the practice of developing games, movies, and videos via the use of design and visuals for amusement, education, training, or experimentation.  It is a design specialty that demands candidates to make videogames for Computers and mobile devices.  

Game Design, a subcategory of video game production, requires the designer to employ design components, design principles, and programming concepts to give the players an engaging gaming experience.  

To build a game, designers must visualize people, objects, and sceneries in order to make an intriguing game. India is quickly becoming a popular worldwide gaming destination.  This is linked to increased economic status as well as increasing internet access, which is assisting in propelling the Indian gaming sector. According to data, the Indian gaming sector is predicted to generate approx $800 million in revenue by 2022. 

Gaming and Animation Industry in India 

Gaming  With over 560 million internet users, India is the world’s second-largest internet consumer. 

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), mobile is the key vehicle for the gaming sector in India, with the availability of inexpensive smartphones increasing by 15% year on year over the last five years. Furthermore, high-speed 4G internet is available. In India, mobile phone users account for an overwhelming 85 percent of the gaming industry, followed by PC and tablet users. 


According to Statista, Despite a drop in market value due to the pandemic’s negative impacts, India’s animation and VFX business was valued at 83 billion Indian rupees in 2021. Estimates for 2024 show a 29 percent growth rate, with the industry’s worth totaling 180 billion Indian rupees. 

In another report, the number of persons engaged in the animation business in India is expected to reach 50.8 thousand by 2022.  

The jobs and vacancies in the VFX and animation sector are increasing day by day, as the film and entertainment industry is increasingly relying on CGI for their special effects. 

How to know if the Gaming and Animation industry is right for you? 

A career in this industry may be a good fit if you love coding and software and are inherently creative, along with a fascination for video games. Let us dive deeper.  A Love for Code Working with technical components of game production, such as coding, and technical architecture is an important part of video game design.  A video game’s technical composition is the core of what allows it to run properly for end-users and brings the aesthetics, storyline, and creative structure to life. 

Love for Design 

Creativity, as well as an understanding of design philosophy and aesthetics, are essential components of video game development. It brings the technological components to life and gives gamers an invigorating and interesting user experience. 

Having an artistic sensibility may help you design more fascinating characters, locations, and objects, as well as plots, game levels, and difficulty levels for gamers. And Most Importantly. A Love for Gaming and Animation 

If like many of us, you grew up playing Mario and GTA, chances are that you developed a love for video games. And what is better than doing what you love? 

A degree in game design may be an intriguing career route for you to consider if you have a heart for video games and an interest in how they work. A love for gamers will make your profession and everyday work more exciting, as well as more impactful, by helping you to perceive game design from the standpoint of a user or player. 

Jobs in Gaming and Animation 

There are several gaming occupations to select from in the gaming and animation industry.  Video Game Developers/Designers, for example, build and debug code to create games for various platforms.  They decide on the game’s design and fundamental concept, as well as the plot and a rough sketch of how it would appear. A coder, screenwriter, audio expert, level designer, animator, modeler, licensing support engineer, and software engineer make up the full game production team.  If you want to consider a career in gaming or game design after graduating from high school, you have the following options: 

  1. Game Animator: Have you ever seen those images and animations in games that depict out-of-this-world scenery? Game Animators, who create, animate, and depict game characters and objects, are the masterminds behind these images and designs. They blend technology and creativity to create animated settings and graphics for video games. 
  2. Game Production: A game production company plans, coordinates, and supervises the whole game creation cycle. They are part editor, part producer, and part product manager. They are in charge of the project’s scheduling, budgeting, development, editing, and licensing. A video game production company oversees the project toward completion. 
  3. Game Designer: A game designer’s responsibility is to build the creative features, design stories, character identity, and other things involved in video game creation. A Game Designer is responsible for creating artwork for game elements such as characters, visuals, tools, and weaponry. They also concentrate on improving the shapes and color concepts. 
  4. Video Game Programmer: Video game programmers work on the creation of video game codebases. They mostly work on game creation tools and gaming software. As a result, as a game programmer, you will spend a lot of time working on game programming, which needs a lot of time. This is among the most prevalent options for people interested in working in the gaming industry. 
  5.  Lead Artist: They are responsible for establishing and driving the video game’s unique and distinctive graphical style. They collaborate across all industries to set technical and aesthetic standards for game art. They also concentrate on the design of console interfaces and the flow and usability of game elements. If you have a creative mind as well as an analytical and technical side, consider a career in gaming and work your way up the ladder to become a lead artist. 

Jobs in the Animation Industry 

  1. Animators: Animators are skilled artists that sketch and develop animated elements for the entertainment business. They make animations for characters and set backgrounds using computer software. Animators may collaborate closely with directors, artists, and writers to help construct story and character storylines. 
  2. Animation Artist: An animator’s primary responsibilities include illustrating and designing ideas and elements for films, online pages, video games, ads, and print media. They construct the characters, locations, and items used by animators to produce motion sequences. They may also create characters for stop motion animation productions. Artists that work in animation studios or for advertising agencies usually have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, graphic design, or visual arts. 
  3. 3D Animator: An animator’s primary responsibilities include illustrating and designing ideas and elements for films, online pages, video games, ads, and print media. They construct the characters, locations, and items used by animators to produce motion sequences. They may also create characters for stop motion animation productions. Artists that work in animation studios or for advertising agencies usually have a bachelor’s degree in visual arts or graphic design. 
  4. Compositing Supervisor: A compositing supervisor is a professional who oversees the VFX department at an animation company. They help compositors produce a coherent moving image by mixing animation components such as live-action film, visual effects, and Computer-Generated Images (CGI). Compositing supervisors develop timetables and procedures and guarantee that the VFX section fulfills all deadlines. 

In a Nutshell 

A future in gaming and animation is the most popular choice for young people since it is an industry with a lot of opportunities. Furthermore, if you wish to pursue a game design degree after high school, you may look at the top national and international colleges that provide the best gaming courses. After graduating from a game design school, you can work in a variety of sectors. 

There is no straightforward way into the gaming business; it is a world full of dedicated and professional gamers working together to create larger and better games for everyone. So, if you still have questions and want to speak with professional specialists about the possibilities of a career in gaming, now is the time. Connect with our experts here. 

Making a career in Gaming and Animation has never been more lucrative, with rapid digitization and the boom of the internet.  

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