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An Index of the Best Free Mockup Tools


As a part of the design process, the team start designing a website while coming up with other creative ideas. However, directly executing them in the backend could be difficult. Luckily, there are many free mockup tools available online, helping you create interactive prototypes which give you a look and feel of the product. Now, you can share your concepts with your team and others without hassle.

Let me show you some of the best UI mockup free tools. Whether you are an amateur or a veteran, you can use them to analyze the design and functionality of your product. Such free mockup tools have given relief to designers around the world. You can learn from this, take advantage and create your mockups swiftly.

Best UI mockup free Tools or Software

Finding the free mockup tools that will work best for your concepts, and finding free mockup tools that fit your budget can be difficult.

But you have do not have to worry. Here are some of the best free mockup tools I have come across –

Balsamiq Mockup

Balsamiq Mockup offers a Web UI mockup free tool that has everything you require to make your simple prototype. Its functions also allow you to drag and drop components relatively quickly. Some functions will enable you to switch between a layout sketch and an original interface.

Balsamiq wireframes offer project-based pricing that ranges between two projects for $9 per month to 200 projects for $199 per month.

Balsamiq free mockup tools


Wireframe.CC is one of the minimalistic free mockup tools for mobile apps and websites that’s easy to learn. The basic plan is free of charge. The premium has a free trial of a week and after that $16 a month for single-user. However, this web-based wireframe tool is super intuitive. You can draw your shape on a blank canvas and select the look from the nine options appearing on the toolbar. The focus on the basics makes Wireframe.cc fit in when you require something simple done fast.

Also, there are no animation or interaction options provided. It also doesn’t allow you to work on more than one wireframe at a time. So this wireframing tool that is quick and easy to use, it is a bit limited in features and complexity.

UI mockup free Tools wireframe cc


Mockflow is one of the cloud-based free mockup tools provided with a drag-and-drop option and template library. Mockflow is one of those all-in-one free mockup tools for mobile app and web development. All the extra features make sharing simple and moving ahead in the process fluid. Mockflow is especially great for newbies. Mockflow is quite specific to mockup creation. But in case, if you need something for wireframing, you might as well check this out. Users have also reported the software lagging when they try to work with multiple pages.

The basic plan is free of charge for one project for two users only, and the premium plan is for $14 a month for unlimited projects and users.

UI mockup free Tools MockFlow

Android UI design tool online free

Searching for the right mockup tool that works best for your concept can be a difficult task. but to your relief, I have already picked up a few of the free mockup tools I found online –


Justinmind is one of those web-based free mockup tools that allows you to create a working mockup. It is for free, up to 30 days, after which you are charged $19 per month for the basic plan. You can design UI aspects and make a prototype for various screen sizes.

Android UI design tool online free justmind


Proto.io is one of those web-based free mockup tools which is feature-rich. It provides a 15-day trial plan, after which the basic plan starts at $29 per month for a single user. However, it gives you the liberty to create a dynamic prototype, if you aim to use the UX features which you require in your product.

Android UI design tool online free  proto.io


FluidUI is one of those intuitive free mockup tools to help a wide variety of platforms. The free version allows one project for a single-user. Solo has three projects for a single-user for $15 a month on a monthly based system and $8.25 a month yearly. You can make great-looking wireframes in FluidUI. FluidUI is unique due to the wide variety of interactive elements and animations it offers. It also comes with an array of design elements. Fluid UI is an all-in-one you need to build a gorgeous wireframe right at your fingertips. Although, its unpaid version is still a bit inadequate and needs an upgrade. Another inferior aspect is that upload only one picture at a time, leaving you uploading images one-by-one.

Android UI design tool online free  fluid ui


Giving a free trial for a week and charging $17.10 a month after, UXPin is one of those free mockup tools that give you the chance to see the work of your team in detail. You can create a synergetic wireframe from the organized elements while creating documentation side-by-side.

Android UI design tool online free  ux pin


InVision is one of those cloud-based free mockup tools that design wireframes for various screen sizes. One of its highlights is the inbuilt collaboration tool where you can get feedback. It even enables participants to operate through the prototype to check if all the navigations and links are working. InVision is free for one project, but for creating multiple projects, the pricing starts from $15 a month.

Android UI design tool online free  InVision

App Mockup Free Tool

A list of free mockup tools that can help you accomplish your goals


Marvel is one of those free mockup tools that can serve best for an amateur, due to its simplicity, easy integration and usability.


  • Upload and edit different image types easily.
  • Complete optimization of the design mockup.
  • Marvel also serves as a datahub for veterans to share their concepts with others in the design community.

App Mockup Free Tool marvel


NinjaMock is one of those collaborative free mockup tools for designing and testing mobile apps and web pages. The free version is for one project and the personal version, which is three projects for a single-user for $6.99 a month.


  • Super fast and efficient wireframe creation.
  • Quick to learn and includes many interactive elements.
  • Sharing and editing designs have become more straightforward with the ability to allow real-time collaboration and editing.

App Mockup Free Tool NinjaMock


Pidoco is one of those cloud-based free mockup tools that can integrate itself with Planio or Jira. The free plan comes with limited features. The basic plan is for $9.99 a month, the pro plan is for $59 a month, and the unlimited plan is for $199 a month.


  • Sketching is easier.
  • Custom templates and interactive elements for efficient wireframing.
  • As for sharing, you can share and edit screens together in real-time.

App Mockup Free Tool Pidoco


I hope that the free mockup tools shall be useful to you and can help you create the ideal mockup. Start using rich UX elements using these free mockup tools. Also, before going into production, don’t forget to include usability testing in the testing phase. You can test it to ensure that your users experience all the features of your product.

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