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Decode the buzzword: FINTECH

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What is Fintech?

The word that creates a buzz among people from different walks of life is FINTECH. This is a Nascent industry that is going up exponentially with the deeply rooted importance of finance and banking and the newly emerging imperative of advancement in technology.

When these two worlds merge they come to be known as FINTECH.

Fintech aims to provide access to financial services with the help of technology which eases up the task of both the service providers and the service consumers.

We have been realising its significance for quite a long time but this pandemic has made us realize its significance like never before. When the whole world is at a halt, Fintech is paving its route by battling the challenges in every aspect. The Fintech industry has ensured that it remains unaffected by the pandemic restrictions so that it can ease up the ecosystem of finance and banking via technology which eventually makes the life of people conducive and comfortable enough even in the time of Crisis. You may also check what is integrated pg here!

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All you need to know about FINTECH :

Long before we could realize the presence of fintech, we already became a part of it.  People are using Mobile money payment, Digital loans, Crowdfunding, etc, in their day-to-day life without acknowledging that all these are subject to Fintech.

Earlier banks were the Centripetal point of financial-related innovations and services but with the increased use of computers and the internet, online banking came into use and fostered E-commerce. However, the financial crisis of 2008 turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it put heavy regulations on the banks. Subsequently, many new start-ups germinated to unleash the various aspects of banking and finance and innovate them via the internet, Mobile Tech & Digital data, to offer a better experience to the customers, solve the issues related to access to financial services and bridge the gap between people and financial services. The sole motive of Fintech is to give an opportunity to all people to save and borrow without going through the arduous processes of traditional banks.

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Currently, there are many Fintech organizations that are working in the same direction of innovating financial services. Nevertheless, Ant financial services of China, which is a subordinate of Alibaba is the largest among all. You may enroll for the latest batch of UX Design Course in India here!

How Fintech has revolutionized the financial sector?

The growth of Fintech is overtaking the traditional methods of banking and finance because of some major reasons like

  • User-friendly methods,
  • Efficacy,
  • Less time & energy-consuming,
  • Transparency,
  • Low-cost services,
  • Ceases the fear of bureaucratic control and most importantly due to its
  • Universal approach.

A bunch of studies has shown how Fintech has helped people to come out of their abject poverty trap.

A case study of Kenya represents how the use of an app named (M- Pesa) launched in 2007 for online deposits and payments, assisted 2% of people in 2000 households in tackling their day-to-day transactions efficiently. It is estimated that nearly 7 billion people are without bank accounts, and Fintech acts as a one-stop solution to all their financial-related issues as it provides all the financial services in just one click. Fintech has led to a revolution in the loan market too as traditional methods are exploitative in nature but the use of apps and websites help you to compare a wide range of prices within the comfort of four walls of your home. Investment in the Fintech sector is looking up in the blink of an eye. It is also known for its relaxed work ethic as compared to traditional methods. The only concern in this sector is Cyber attack as it jeopardizes the future of Fintech but at the same time, it also escalates employability in the Cyber security sector.

Analyzing the significance of Fintech technology in today’s world, it is clear that it is definitely a flourishing industry in the forthcoming years. Henceforth, pursuing a degree course in Fintech is truly beneficial. To fulfill a better career, investing in a BBA Fintech course will be a wise decision. You may also check about gaming and animation here!

What is BBA Fintech?

BBA fintech is a course that aims to teach you from fundamentals to the most advanced applications of both banking/ finance and how technology makes it feasible from any corner of the world. It gives us an insight into the Fintech industry and its augmentation in the new age of advancement and ease. The course envisages giving a holistic understanding of finance and banking, its complexities, nuances, and subtleties to reach technologically relevant solutions through different applications like RPA, Blockchain, Machine learning, Bigdata, API, Cloud computer, etc. It would help you to identify and analyze business problems and reach a solution with the ability of critical thinking. It will develop an ability to adapt and seek growing technologies in the finance landscape. It enhances your knowledge in different functional areas of management. Assists to find out the necessity and adapting to the comprehension of current issues and undertaking a lifetime of learning.

It’s a 3-year degree course based on pragmatic and advanced learning. The syllabus of BBA Fintech enables a holistic understanding of techniques & methods required to flourish in the world of financial technology. The learning will not be merely confined to classrooms and computers but will also open doors for first-hand industrial experiences, case studies, and experts’ guidance to make you job-ready. The basic eligibility criteria to go for a BBA fintech course in any of the best BBA colleges is 50% in the 12th grade. You may also read more about how to build a startup from scratch here!

Here is the list of Best BBA colleges:

Career opportunities in Fintech:

Invite the best job opportunities in your dream companies :

  • Wipro
  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • Flipkart in Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Growth360 in Delhi, NCR
  •  FameFlock in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

According to Talent.com the average BBA Fintech salary in India is ₹ 862,500 per year or ₹ 442 per hour. Newcomers start at ₹ 450,000 per year whereas experienced workers make up to ₹ 1,855,000 per year.

Why BBA Fintech with ImaginXP?

We ensure that our curriculum is industrial-based with the best of faculties which can enable you to apply your knowledge in the field while tackling the problems pragmatically. This course will holistically improve your level of learning and way of looking at the world of banking & finance.

We lead you to a great start by revolutionizing your learning experience with advanced and high-tech pedagogy. We have a tie-up with some of the biggest educational hubs. ADYP University is in a tie-up with ImaginXP and one of the best BBA Colleges in Pune.


Hope you found this blog helpful enough to make a deliberative decision. Let us know your feedback and queries in the given below comment section.

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