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A Catalogue of Free Prototyping Tools for UIUX Designers

A catalogue of Free Prototyping Tools for UIUX Designers

With free prototyping tools, building products like a website or an app has become fundamentally simpler. Organizations use prototyping to evaluate their ideas swiftly, which helps build solutions that create a more user-centric design. However, developing a product demands capital, time and elbow grease.

Some free prototyping tools allow everyone involved to collaborate better under the same context rather than opposing viewpoints. Now, to the point at hand – What are the top free prototyping tools based on usability?

What is a Prototyping Tool?

Prototyping tools are tools that help fasten the development process of a product by giving the design a worthy representation – behaviour and feel. The prototype is the first step to illustrate your concept for validation. Some of the free prototyping tools online can provide a thorough insight into the product design, interactions, and ideas.

How does it help?

  • Reduce overall process time
  • Aligns vision between organization and users
  • Collects relevant feedback
  • Guide it one step further in the design process

Why Do We Need Free Prototyping Tools?

Prototyping is an essential step within the UI/UX process. Prototyping is a good way to test out concepts. It can be done through sketches or numerous free prototyping tools that make the process quicker. These free prototyping tools allow a UI/UX designer to showcase how the elements will interact without consulting a developer. These free prototyping tools allow UI/UX designers to make the correct decisions for users. There are different free prototyping tools; they range from low-fidelity wireframes to your high-fidelity needs.

Why Do We Need Free Prototyping Tools

How to select the correct tool for prototyping?

The choice of the right instrument is the key to discussing the ideas and working more closely with the users. It has become hard to choose with several free prototyping tools online.

While researching for this post, I came across one checklist that UX designers commonly follow, as it was published in 3 different articles online.

Allow me to share the basics –

Learning Curve

The most efficient tool to adopt to avoid starting from zero. Once you pick up on more advanced technique for prototyping, you can begin comparing learning time as well as usage in the design process.


UI/UX designers test how well any of these free prototyping tools are suitable for collaboration. The method will provide many individuals with the opportunity to share their concepts across to collaborate.


The prototyping tools are also chosen based on how similar the sample can be to the concept. The project grows fast if the designer has an understanding of how the concept is going to be. Many designers also prefer prototyping to make sure the concept is legitimate. Each step allows them to examine their needs and step immediately onto the subsequent level.


You can use precise learning methods to evade starting from the beginning. Once you learn new techniques for prototyping, you can compare free prototyping tools based on its learning time and usage.


For the UI/UX designer to improve performance, these free prototyping tools need to be user-friendly. It will help the product grow fondness amongst users.


Several free prototyping tools, with many features, are present out there in the market. Yet, some prototyping tools are just out-of-budget. You can be cautious enough to compare prices and features.

Free Prototyping Tools for Windows

Are you looking for free prototyping tools that can turn your concepts into visual prototypes for Windows 8 or 10?

Are you trying to find the top Windows prototyping tool to improve your skills?

Do not fret!

To work on your issue, We have prepared a list of prototyping tools so you can find the one tool that suits your needs the best. Here are Five best prototyping tools for Windows

Axure RP

Axure RP Free Prototyping Tools for Windows

Windows and Mac30 days of a free trialPro for $29 per monthTeam for $49 per monthEnterprise for $99 per month

Often recommended, Axure RP is an all-in-one prototyping tool for Windows. Experienced UX designers use its functions to help modify a project with an eye-for-detail. The cath here is that for people not accustomed with its professional features and intricate processes, Axure RP is a hefty tool to grasp. Therefore, it is more popular amongst experienced UX designers who can create a sophisticated and professional prototype.


Mockplus Free Prototyping Tools for Windows

Windows and MacBasic- free forever   Get Started for FreePro- $119/yearPerpetual – $239/year (no additional fees charged)

Mockplus is a swift prototyping tool offering a windows version. With many exceptional functions, it allows the user to experience creating and editing an interactive project. Recently, its latest version gives users a pleasant experience. Mockplus is better any UI/UX designer who wants to visualize their concepts into elegant and intuitive prototypes with ease.


JustinMind Free Prototyping Tools for Windows

Windows and Mac30 days of a free trialPro for $19 per month

JustinMind is a user-friendly prototyping tool for Windows. With this desktop tool, a UI/UX designer can freely make prototypes for smaller screen sized without any programming. It is a brave choice for any designer who wishes to edit and improve on their prototyping project for an app.


Balsamiq Free Prototyping Tools for Windows

Windows and Mac30 days of a free trialA Solo User License (2 projects) for $9 per monthMulti-User License  starting at $49 per month

A straightforward wireframing tool, Balsamiq gives UI/UX designers the ability to recreate the experiences of sketching. However, a designer should sketch a draft as per their concept quickly. Its functions also allow you to drag and drop components quite easily.


proto.io Free Prototyping Tools for Windows

Web-basedA Single User License for five projects at $24 per month

Unlike the other free prototyping tools, Proto.io is a cloud-based online prototyping tool that can help complete all the needed work online without any installation. Therefore, it is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. If you are one of those who do not wish to install any software on your Windows, this could be worth a shot.

Free Prototyping Tools Online

Just like proto.io, many other free prototyping tools exist online for you to explore. Some of them are –


InVision Free Prototyping Tools Online

Compatible withCreating prototypes forCost
Web BrowserWebFirst Prototype is Free
Mac OS XiOSThree Prototypes at $15 a Month
WindowsAndroidUnlimited Prototypes at $25 a Month

InVision is a complete prototyping tool, which creates live prototypes by applying its functional facilities to the wireframes. The strength of this product is its feedback management.


  • Easy and quick integration for efficiency
  • Enables customization in sizes and resolutions as per screen sizes for devices, and beneficial for mobile adaptations.
  • Enables effective project management

Facilitates collaboration, a benefit for individuals working remotely.

  • Save the previous version of your designs, for reference and comparison.


Marvel Free Prototyping Tools Online

Compatible withCreating prototypes forCost
Web BrowserWebFree for one user up to two active projects
Mac OS XiOSPro – one user at $12 a Month
WindowsAndroidTeam – three users at $42 a Month
Enterprise – six users at $84 a Month

Marvel is a powerful prototyping tool that can serve both beginner and advanced users. The greatest strength of this prototyping tool is the way it is simplified for beginners. Its easy integration also provides easy imports.


  • Upload and edit your images easily. It also supports different image types.
  • Provides different project frames ensuring complete optimization of the design mockup.
  • Its mobile companion app converts sketches into prototypes by simply capturing the image.
  • Apart from the easy usability, Marvel also serves as an information hub, where veterans share their designs to benefit the aspirants.

Sketch prototyping

Sketch Free Prototyping Tools Online

Compatible withCreating prototypes forCost
Mac OS X  Mac OS X Free Trial
iOSFull Version at $99

Sketch is a popular prototyping tool around for designing prototypes for websites and apps. A lightweight tool, Sketch has an intuitive interface concentrating focus on the current task at hand.

Features of the Sketch Prototyping Tool

  • Sketch enables the user to create working prototypes in just a few clicks.
  • The vector shapes are adaptive, allowing the user to avoid making changes.
  • The cloud interface allows the user to share prototypes and receive feedback instantly.

Adobe XD

AdobeXd Free Prototyping Tools Online

Compatible withCreating prototypes forCost
AndroidAndroidFree starter.
iOSiOSSingle App for teams at $22.99 per user
Mac OS XWebCreative Cloud (All Apps) at $79.99 per user

Adobe XD, another product from Adobe is a great prototyping tool that helps in building your dream prototype. Adobe introduced it in 2015 under the name of Project Comet. One of its greatest strength lies in its ways to manipulate the visuals as per user need.


  • The Repeat Grid feature is able to speed up work.
  • Easily switch from design to prototype within the app.
  • Share directly, receive feedback and view designs in real-time.
  • Users can also create a prototype with voice triggers and speech playback.

Origami Studio

Origami Studios Free Prototyping Tools for Windows

Compatible withCreating prototypes forCost
Mac OS XAndroidTotally Free

Origami Studio is Facebook’s gift to the designers’ community. It offers powerful prototyping tools for designers who need a superior interface. There is a bit of a learning curve that can be daunting, but the payoff is well worth the learning. And its compatibility function makes Origami Studio a valuable tool for designers who want to take their work to the next level.


  • Export your prototype components with just one click.
  • Add a background or simulate your design using other devices.


So, if you are a beginner who recently joined the fray and are trying to choose free prototyping tools, the lists mentioned above would be able to you. If you are a veteran, then you already have gone through this process numerous times. You can give Justinmind a chance if you are into mobile phone prototyping. The best way to draw a wireframe quickly is through Balsamiq that offers you a delightful experience. In short, you can find the best amongst these free prototyping tools after reading this article.

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