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The Need Of Pursuing A Bachelor’s Degree In Digital Marketing

Bachelor degree in digital marketing

Students after their 12th grade are often seen wondering about their Career, as they have so many degrees to choose from. However, each degree comes with its own pros and cons.

But what if a degree that can give you an opportunity to be in a Win – Win Situation?  A degree that can tickle every Student’s Creative and Innovative side.

A degree that ensures you to become a part of an industry that is constantly looking up with the help of digitisation especially the COVID-19 has widened its ambit.

A degree that promises you to nourish and flourish your leadership Skills and be the greatest asset to the world of Marketing by availing the advanced digital world.

So, here is an Ideal degree for you, in Digital Marketing that is a perfect blend of both the Worlds.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a part of Marketing which takes the aid of the Internet and other Internet based applications and platforms to promote a brand, product or services.  It is also referred as Online Marketing and Internet Marketing.

Elements of Digital Marketing:

There are various types of Digital Marketing techniques that have become an integral part of it, to reach out to the Target audience and these are as follows;

1.Content Marketing: This is a form of Digital Marketing in which a Company advertises its brand or product with the help of Content based ads to highlight the plus points of products to catch the attention of the audience, this content can be posted in the form of blog, video, social media posts etc.

2. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization): As it’s quite evident from its name, it focuses to enable & enhance the website traffic to the official web page of product or service. It is usually an unpaid traffic generating strategy. Its aim is to bring its website to the top list in search engines.

3.Pay- Per- Click : In this form of Online Marketing, the aim is to advertise the product through Online Commercials/ ads. The company has to pay the advertiser on per click and the advertiser is paid only when a user actually clicks on the ad. The main focus of the Company here is to add the Keywords in the ad content as it affects its ranking in the SEO.

4.Social Media Marketing: This is the most precious Component of Online Marketing as it has the best potential to reach out to the larger Target Customers. In Social media the Company posts its promotional ads to implicitly convince the customers to buy its product or visit web page at least.

5.Email- Marketing: It is another way of the most advanced forms of Online Marketing that keeps the customers updated about the launch of a new product of that brand, discounts & offers on that product by mailing the commercials on the daily or weekly basis.

6.Mobile Marketing: Have you ever thought or wondered why all the mobile apps pop up the advertisements of your interest, based on what you usually enjoy to see in your leisure time.

I’m sure you must have experienced this to an extent that you may call it your (Deja – vu moment). Well, this is called Mobile Marketing.

7.Affiliate Marketing: In this form of Online Marketing a Company advertises its product with the help of the third-party by paying them money for generating traffic and traction to the Company’s products.

What are the Perks of Digital Marketing?

Given below are some of the many benefits of Digital Marketing;

  • Digital Marketing is no less than having a Magic Wand in the hands of the Marketers. It gives their business an instant result by the process of targeting the Potential Audience via the internet as the most of the people spend most of their time on the internet.
  • The Online form of Marketing is relatively time, energy and capital friendly both for the company and the customers. It also has a wider access to the audience.
  • Digital Marketing is really Versatile and Flexible in terms of promoting a brand or product as it uses blogs, videos, commercials etc. to attract & appeal the audience in a different & more innovative manner.
  • Digital Marketing provides the level pedestal to all the products & brands. Now, It depends on the Companies, how they leverage the platform’s potential to take their products to a new level of success. Even a small brand has a bright chance to thrive and reign.
  • Online Marketing is Customer-friendly too as customers need not go on an interrogation and a scrutiny to each and every shop to buy a product. They can simply surf in the internet and choose from a wide variety of products with a great range of prices by just sitting or reclining on their couches.
  • The reach of Digital Marketing is almost seamless & limitless as the company can promote its product to any part of the world regardless of where it has its roots or head office.

If one goes by the Experts’ advice the future of Digital Marketing is all Blooming as people are highly engaged in the internet and other internet-based platforms.  It is a never ending and ever boosting industry to pursue a career in it.

Why Opt for a Digital Marketing Course?

One gets to learn the exciting and the interesting Marketing Strategies under this Course, and some of them are as follows:

  • Have a great grip on the various strategies related to Digital Marketing such as SEO, PPP, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc.
  • Make your learning seamless and boundless by learning the concepts with real time case studies.
  • Have a better understanding of the Marketing world with the use of online and updated mobile applications and internet platforms such as Google ads, Social Media posts, Website trafficking with the help of Keyword strategy, Google Analytics, YouTube Marketing etc.
  • Learn how to pitch a product to a target audience.
  • Have a great understanding of Web page Conversion Rate Optimisation and moment marketing etc.

Explore the Digital Marketing Ecosystem with A Bountiful Career Opportunities

A 3-month Digital Marketing course offers a wide range of Career Opportunities to choose from as per your interest and excellence:

  • Online Marketing Expertise
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Entrepreneurs or Marketers
  • Business Managers
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Content Creator
  • Email Marketer
  • SEM
  • Content Marketer
  • Automatic Specialist.


Hope you found this blog helpful enough to make a deliberative decision. Let us know your feedback and queries in the given below comment section.

If you are still sceptical about anything related to the course, please visit:  https://imaginxp.com/bba-digital-marketing-jnu/

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