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Customized corporate training on UX Design

At ImaginXP we offer customized corporate workshops on UX Design designed to work in the context, requirement and culture of your organization

UX Design Workshops

Designing engaging and functional user experience is a challenge for both designers as well as developers. With ImaginXP, learn essentials of UX Design, UX design methodology to institute a mature UXpractice and design products as a team, with our corporate workshops on UX Design.

Product Lockdown Workshop

Having a tough time in new product design? The ImaginXP product Lockdown corporate UX workshop is designed to help your team innovate for a new product coveringfeature set exploration, differentiators, wireframes - inshort we will help you design the POC of your product!

Design Thinking Workshop

The world over Design Thinking is being practiced by organizations both large and small to innovate and solve problems. Focused on listening, userempathy, Holistic thinking, collaboration, and experimentation,Corporate Design Thinking workshops can be applied to any field from technology to manufacturing, architecture and organizational building.

Online Corporate Workshops and Training in UX Design

Join the journey with ImaginXP to fill the gap between the real and digital world. With training programs, learn UX Design and Design thinking. Thinking about the location? At home or at your office, ImaginXP’s online Corporate UX Design workshops and training program can be taken by your team anywhere!

UX Design

The ImaginXP UX Design workshop is an online training program for corporates that what to upgrade the UX design skill set of their product teams. This training program will help you grasp the basics of the UX process applying the UX process in context of your organization.

Design Thinking

The ImaginXP online Design Thinking workshop helps your team solve the trickiest of problems by learning how to apply the Design Thinking process to everyday work problems.

What will your team learn

Enhance existing Skill Set

Learn to design in harmony

Learn innovation and problem solving techniques

Institute a mature UX practice in the organization


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